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  1. daiches99

    Duplicate Item Collision Errors with FOFs 140-145

    FOF Types 140 (Intangible from Bottom, Opaque) through to 145 (Intangible from Top, Opaque) will not collide with particular objects, causing the objects fall through. However, certain items will collide and not fall through. Testing was done in both 3D and 2D mode, using various objects with...
  2. daiches99

    Snowfall Summit - A Homage to Christmas Hunt

    I founded everything upon searching, even getting all 100 rings requires hunting a few down. As for the location of the first emblem...
  3. daiches99

    Snowfall Summit - A Homage to Christmas Hunt

    Thanks for the feedback, I was afraid the emblem would be too easy to find if I added visual cues. However, I've made a minor update to make finding it not as difficult as before.
  4. daiches99

    Snowfall Summit - A Homage to Christmas Hunt

    Snowfall Summit Zone is what started as an small experimental map made for fun, but quickly evolved into a full scale emerald hunt map. This is also a small homage to Christmas Hunt Zone, those who played 1.09.4 may remember it. There nineteen potential locations for emeralds, so multiple...
  5. daiches99

    [Reusable] SRB2 Riders 2.46.5

    So it's finally returned! Bloomin' 'eck I forgot about the Mario Kart level I made ages back.. It wasn't that good either, I'm surprised you kept it CZ64! Shame, I no longer have access to windows anymore, otherwise I would have loved to given it a try.
  6. daiches99

    [Reusable] Chaos Mode (Chaosmode.soc)

    I'm slightly addicted to this. I got 6500000 in 30 minutes. Is there any way you can tone down the number of Sharps that appear because they are very frustrating to avoid.
  7. daiches99

    [Reusable] Rosy the Rascal (Updated)

    She never spin-dashed in CD either.
  8. daiches99

    [Reusable] Rosy the Rascal (Updated)

    It seems that if you are hurt then using the hammer jump makes you vincible again (died while trying to get out of lava).
  9. daiches99

    Arid Canyon Zone Guitar Tabs

    I don't know about you, but I really love the Arid Canyon Zone music. I was wondering whether I could see the original tabs so as to be able to play it on my acoustic guitar?
  10. daiches99

    [Reusable] The Emerald Isles, v. 2.6 (2.0 updated June 29)

    Lovely, brilliant, great! My only dislike is the wintery level (forgot name), as it can be annoying at points. Flaze Canyon Zone Act 1 is the best, the 2nd Act is slightly hard to navigate such as when I can't see to the right or left at points and fall.
  11. daiches99

    [Reusable] SRB2: Fall

    No offense but the grass looks like a rug and the wall textures slightly burned my eyes.
  12. daiches99

    Summer Of Sonic Lived Up To It's Expectations

    Summer Of Sonic has DEFINITELY lived up to it's expectations. Upon entering I got a Sonic Art book filled with a lot of Sonic pictures (obviously), I also got a stamp on my hand so I could re-enter whenever, I currently go around with the SEGA logo on my left hand haha! 1. There were demos of...
  13. daiches99

    SRB2 2.0 CFG for Doom Builder

    So where is it I can't find one?
  14. daiches99

    SRB2 Riders Daiches99 Level Pack

    I am working on a mod for SRB2 Riders which consists of Mario Kart levels for it, the levels will be ported over soon. I have only made the first level though so yeh... Dusty Dunes has been updated, it is graphically better and has a few more obstacles. But these are the levels I will make...
  15. daiches99

    Sonic Robo Blast 1 For DS?

    Surely if SRB2 can't be on ds or any other handheld console then maybe SRB1 should have its sprites remade and new textures and sprites and stuff for ds? Could you imagine SRB1 for ds? but is it possible?
  16. daiches99


    I know the srb2 is a remix or a Sonic Cd beta song or something like that but what is it?!?!? I can't find it at all!
  17. daiches99

    Run opengl in VMware

    Is it possible to run opengl in VWmare fusion because i have downloaded all sorts or files to get it running and none of them have worked?
  18. daiches99

    Srb2 NDS

    Will there be an SRB2 for Nintendo Ds because while I was playing it I thought that it would be cool to play on a Ds, and you can use a special game card to put SRB2 in which lets you use was from your computer and you can connect to wifi and do matches etc.
  19. daiches99

    3D to 2D and object heights

    Is there a way to switch the view and gameplay from 2d to 3d and vice versa like in sonic Unleashed? Also how do you put an object on the top of something e.g. a building? And what program should i use to do these?