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    Sonic Robo Battle 2

    It's me again, I have something to present to you all. Sonic Robo Battle 2, is what I call it. As I know some players find the ring tossing style of match distasteful. I threw the Physattk lua that I take no credit for, a custom map made specifically for this type of match, and changed a few...

    Tails Team Flight? [LUA]

    Would it be possible to create a lua script that allows tails to carry more than one player? That works like this : Sonic, latches onto Tails, while flying Knuckles decides to reach for Sonic, and latches on. I'm not experienced with Lua in the slightest. But I believe I've wrapped my head...

    Green Flower Zone Extended

    This is one of my newest map projects. I feel that I'm insecure with my ability to come up with ideas to progress my map that feel natural. All I'm really doing is (as the title says) extending Green Flower Zone. Due to MotorRoach releasing the FSonic wad. It got me anxious to have a hands on...