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  1. ThatOneGirl

    SRB2 Kart Sprite Help

    Thank you so much! I deeply appreciate it!
  2. ThatOneGirl

    How did you find out about the srb2 message board and why did you join?

    I found the thread when searching for characters to play in srb2 kart. I decided to join the community so I could ask questions (and permission) on characters being created. (because I have no idea how to do sprite art)
  3. ThatOneGirl

    Kart Troubles

    Is anyone here good at making character sprites for Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart? I kinda need some help. 1620924235 Okay so I noticed that some of the character packs say "[Reused]" on the top, and I read how that basically gives others permission to modify the mods. So as long as I credit the...
  4. ThatOneGirl

    What's your favorite sonic character?

    My favorite Sonic character is Amy.
  5. ThatOneGirl

    SRB2 Kart Sprite Help

    Hello, I was noticing all the really good mods for SRB2 Kart and I wanted to create my own character packs. I'm not sure how the process works, and I would like some tips as to how I can properly create the sprite sheet for the character; like proportioning and side views. Any help is...