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  1. Mr Kixx Reborn

    What do you think About Smash Bros History and how you feel about the game as a whole?

    On January 21st, 1999, Super Smash Bros was released for the N64 and starting one of the most well known video game franchises of all time. I personally started off with brawl but recently I have been playing melee and have gotten a liking to the older games. Now the series has had it fair share...
  2. Mr Kixx Reborn

    How do you feel about the Mega Man series as a whole?

    Pretty much the question
  3. Mr Kixx Reborn

    Slade Wad Help

    So to fix the issues we have with the maps in the 2.0 port we need Zone Builder, but I can't turn the file into a wad because it isn't an option there, only pk3 and other files im pretty sure you wouldn't use for srb2 would be there. Any help figuring out how to change the files into wads?
  4. Mr Kixx Reborn

    Should There Be A Tortoured Planet Remake?

    I remember playing a level pack called Tortoured Planet back in 2.0, it had it's own story, fun zones, secrets pretty much all of that and I was wondering if you think it should be brought back(And Yes thats how it's spelled).
  5. Mr Kixx Reborn

    2.0 Port W.I.P. (ON HOLD)

    Since I got help from the modding help section, I'm finally ready to get this show on the road, here are some things I've done so far: I've given them all their 2.0 descriptions(Except for the Abilities and tips that was my own thing). Just like a port should, I've gotten the 2.0 Sprites...
  6. Mr Kixx Reborn

    Making an Srb2 2.0 Port

    Hello, I want to start making an SRB2 2.0 port with all the secrets, special stages, and all the multiplayer stages but the problem is I don't know how to port, if anyone can give me tips on how or give me a website on how to port things like this it would be really helpful.
  7. Mr Kixx Reborn

    What Is Your Favorite SRB2 Zone And Why?

    The title speaks for itself, Also you can use stages from Previous Version like 1.09 or 2.1
  8. Mr Kixx Reborn

    Do you think Sonic Coulors Ultimate will save the Sonic Franchise?

    Since the past decade Sega has given us some mediocre games like Team Sonic Racing, Forces, Lost World, etc. These games have not been reviewed pretty well and It's not looking good for SEGA right now. We did get mania back in 2017 but that game is almost 4 years old now, the game is fun but...
  9. Mr Kixx Reborn

    What's Your Favorite Sonic Steam Game(Or Any Sonic Game you can get from steam)

    The title pretty much says it, just post down below. Mods and rom hacks like Super Sonic Generations and Sonic 3 A.I.R Are acceptable too
  10. Mr Kixx Reborn

    What do you predict is gonna happen in the sonic movie 2

    Ever since paramount has annouced a teaser for a sequel to the sonic movie many youtubers have been speculating on what's gonna happen in the next movie, so far starters lets get the main stuff out of the way. - Tails and Knuckles will be in the Sequel - Eggman Will Have a new look I made...
  11. Mr Kixx Reborn

    What You Liked About 2.1 before 2.2 Released in Early December of 2019

    Now It's been about Almost 1 and a half years since 2.2 first dropped back in 2019 and I started to think all the great things about 2.1 and I just wanted to hear your thoughts on what was great about 2.1 before 2.2 Came Out, you can post your thoughts 👇 Also Here Are Just Some Of My...
  12. Mr Kixx Reborn

    Running 2.2.9 RC

    When I downloaded The Release Candidate for 2.2.9 I got a system error for some reason and it said because libgme.dll was not found, is there a way for me to fix this so I can run the game?
  13. Mr Kixx Reborn

    Making My Own Srb2 Multiplayer Discord Server

    Yesterday while I was in my server a lot of people wanted me to do a discord server of this and I agreed, but I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to get this server rolling so I was wondering if you guys have any ideas for me while I'm making the discord server. Post Your Ideas 👇 and I'll try to...
  14. Mr Kixx Reborn

    Why S3&K Is more than just " That Genesis Game"

    S3&K was more than just that game you played on the Genesis back in 1994, It plays a huge role in the sonic storyline to come for future games, Introduced Hyper Sonic which we didn't see much after because they said " It would get to related to DBZ",etc. but ima get straight to the point, I want...
  15. Mr Kixx Reborn

    How Sonic 06 Could've Been If The Game Wasn't rushed

    How do you think Sonic 06 would've turned out if the game actually finished development? Would it still be bad or would it be good? Post your thinking down below. (The Reason Sonic 06 was terrible in the first place was because Sega had rushed sonic team to release the game and Sonic Team was...
  16. Mr Kixx Reborn

    Open GL Controling

    I just switched from Software to Open GL as my renderer and the mouse control feels a lot heavier than it did on software, does anyone know how I can fix this to make the controls feel more like Software's?
  17. Mr Kixx Reborn

    What's In Store For v2.2.10(On Hold for now)

    This here is just a discussion on what do you think is in store for 2.2.9, as you know we haven't had a patch since 2.2.8 in October of 2020 and A lot of people Have been wondering when 2.2.9 will arrive, you can just post your opinions here. Here Are Just My opinions on what they might add for...