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  1. HellHawkX

    Return of The Snailer

  2. HellHawkX

    HellHawk's Hellacious Hellzone

    I can make nice things too, I guess. I'm working on a bunch of stuff, but my current project is porting Doom Guy to srb2 It still lacks a lot of things obviously, I'm focusing on making the guns right now, once I'm finished with those, I will add rest of the HUD elements, along with the...
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    Colored Text

    I believe the title is pretty self-explanatory. To use the colors, just open the chat like you normally would and write "/x" at the beginning, where x is a number /0 - White /1 - Purple /2 - Yellow /3 - Green /4 - Blue /5 - Red /6 - Gray /7 - Orange Example: /1Colored /2Text
  4. HellHawkX

    [Reusable] Chaos Control (UPDATED 7/24)

    Pretty self-explanatory, open the script and change skin name to fit your character, the ability is activated by pressing spin while jumping The collision detection demonstrated in second picture was made by JTE, and I thank him for letting me use it
  5. HellHawkX

    Duplicate SCZ Emmerald Spawn messed up

    Emmerald spawn is messed up in Silver Cascade Zone, this is NOT the bug where it spawns in wall, I was playing CTF server, and emmerald spawned in middle of AIR Do emmeralds hate that level or something? It’s like they are allergic to it
  6. HellHawkX

    NEW Blade(not a recolor)

    Hi there, I once was checking my folder and I found HORRIBLE sprite of my old Fan character As you see, this is no wonder but HORRIBLE, so lately I decided to change him ALOT and make him more original rather than red sonic with blue shoes, so I started working on his quill style, got some...
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    A little suggestion about forum

    I think you still should be able to check forum when you get banned,It's really annoying that you can't visit the site to download new stuff,and instead you have to download them from server,or you just have to wait until you are unbanned so you can download the file,since some files are too big...
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    Srb2 ms:no chat allowed?

    I was reading SRB2 Master server list and when i started reading rules i saw this: So why is chat not allowed? :| is this some kind of a joke or something?
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    srb2 0.00.0 and 2.00.5? (solved)

    I was checking servers using SRB2 MS Launcher and i saw this: 2.00.5 is out? i checked but it wasn't there,and also at there was 0.00.0, so is 2.00.5 out? and developers haven't upload it yet? and even if so what kind of version is 0.00.0?
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    srb2:metal sonic

    Hey i was wondering why isn't metal sonic in srb2? sonic team jr did add metal robotnik from sonic the hedgehog movie but what about metal sonic? + only 1 boss isn't actually fun,remember sonic adveneture?there was chaos,eggman,knuckles and so,i'm not saying that you should fight knuckles or...
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    srb2:mute command suggestion

    Hey i have been thinking that there should be a player mute command Example: mute 2 on and the player shouldn't be able to speak instead of muting whole server just because of one guy
  12. HellHawkX

    .netframework 2.0.50727

    Ok so my friend tyrzi sended to me and when i opened it some kind of error opens saying something about .netframework 2.0.50727,i searched whole internet but i couldn't find the file so can anyone tell me where to get it?
  13. HellHawkX

    map maplm??

    Ok so i made a private wad and it map number was lm,when i typed map maplm a sound started everytime i would type map maplm another sounds started and it's now even used in srb2 levels or sound effects.
  14. HellHawkX

    srb2:new command and db suggestion

    Well i got 2 suggestions command suggestion:there should be a command called f12 (on\off) if you will type f12 off players shouldn't be able to f12 you it would also be usefull for those that don't feel like running in tag,since some of players that aren't IT yet they f12 them 2.srb2...
  15. HellHawkX

    SRB2DB:how do you make water?

    I'm making a level but at one part i needed water but i don't know how to make i try'd looking at one of wiki but it didn't help :( so can someone tell me how to do it?i might need pictures too
  16. HellHawkX

    doom builder

    Can anyone give me link for new doom builder?
  17. HellHawkX

    jet the hawk (100% custom)

    Here's my jet the hawk sprite am i getting any better?
  18. HellHawkX

    new srb2 doom builder(problem)

    Can someone make a new srb2 doom builder 2.0 for me? when i try'd to install srb2 doom builder it say'd that mscomctl.ocx is missing then i checked the files and i noticed that i have it in wrong place(i have it old windows files) it happened when i re-instaled my comp some kind of disk appeard...
  19. HellHawkX

    werehog sonic

    I'm planing to make werehogsonic.wad here are some sprites: i hope you like it
  20. HellHawkX

    blade the hedgehog

    I'm making a character for my mod hes name is blade the hedgehog sprite: name: blade the hedgehog gender: male age:13 ability:thok by: kyuubinaruto9990(me) EDIT: i copyed srb2 sonic's muzzle(dont know how to spell it)