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  1. Kyasarin

    [Reusable] SRB2 Riders 2.46.5

    I can't believe that you're saying that giving the leading players a chance to maintain their position and the lagging players a reason to get better at the game cheap. It's better off the way it is because it's a fair game for everyone playing. It annoys me when people assume that whatever...
  2. Kyasarin

    [Reusable] SRB2 Christmas Remix 2010

    Nobody forced anyone to buy Big Rigs: Over the Road racing, and yet it's still an absolutely horrible game in every single way.
  3. Kyasarin

    [Reusable] SRB2: Oceanic Cove Zone v.2.0

    Ironically it's the opposite for me. I don't see what the hell makes Egg Rock popular, but I really liked Oceanic Cove.
  4. Kyasarin

    [Reusable] Metal Knux

    The picture on the bottom-right of the screen (where it gives your name and shows a life counter) is far too small. It does not appear to be "standard" -- compare it to Sonic's, Tails's, and Knuckles's.
  5. Kyasarin

    [Reusable] Metal Knux

    Why is the name card so tiny?
  6. Kyasarin

    Water Works Zone, Act 2

    Water Works Zone is a mechanical base, that's under the sea. There's parts of nature growing and infesting areas of the level, and some parts where you actually go outside. The level is essentially a typical factory but with more of an emphasis on water-based gimmicks. Act 1 was entered into...
  7. Kyasarin

    [Reusable] [XSRB2] Cloud Cradle G! Golf for masochists! (g_CloudCradleGolf.wad)

    This actually isn't too hard. It only annoyed me the first time, simply because I was completely unaware of the fact that you can brake in Golf Mode.
  8. Kyasarin

    For whatever reason, the site doesn't keep me logged in.

    If I'm inactive on this site for a short while, I always end up being logged out. This has started happening since Wednesday and never happened beforehand. Before you ask: Cookies are enabled and I do not have them cleared frequently/automatically. Does anybody know the cause of this, or how to...
  9. Kyasarin

    [Reusable] Chaos.wad

    Yes, he can. The only reason he can't in the original version was because the unlockable characters were nothing more than visual replacements. Breathing underwater forever would be fairly overpowered in water-based levels, as you'd expect. I wouldn't care about that minor little detail.
  10. Kyasarin

    [Reusable] SRB2: Fall

    I like the golden colors you used on the GFZ wall textures. I don't think the GHZ colors work too well, though; it's mainly the darker color that bugs me. Making it more orange would look nice, I think. It would be cool if someone built a level with this.
  11. Kyasarin

    Forest Fortress Zone (Act 2)

    It's the second Act to Forest Fortress Zone, which I released a while ago. Unlike the first Act, this Act takes place at night. As the name implies, it features a giant castle in a forest. It's a single-player level. The main intent of this second Act is so that I can practice better design...
  12. Kyasarin

    [Reusable] Forest Fortress Zone (scr_forestfortresszone.wad)

    What, no comments on this? I'd really like it if I could get some constructive criticism on this level.
  13. Kyasarin

    [Reusable] Forest Fortress Zone (scr_forestfortresszone.wad)

    It's an age-old single-player level of mine from the v1.09.4 days. It's one of my first (and few) completed levels. It has fifty-three hidden items to find. Act 2 has been started, but hasn't seen progress in almost a year due to a lack of level design ideas. It's pretty flat and gimmick-less...
  14. Kyasarin

    [Reusable] Sonic Robo Blast 2 The Past (SC_SRB2thepast1.01.wad + Mutiplayer and bonus)

    Why rename Eggrock Zone in the first place? I swear, you seem to be obsessed with anything classic or historic.
  15. Kyasarin

    SRB2 Doom Builder

    Sometimes, when you go to the texture library various times (such as in 3D mode, where you need to texture several walls) the program crashes.
  16. Kyasarin

    SRB2 Doom Builder

    The SRB2 Wiki gives instructions for this.
  17. Kyasarin

    [Reusable] Dimensional (s_dimensional_b05) - Beta 5 Released

    I don't really like these levels. One main reason is the fact that it uses the 2D engine. Control is very sloppy and, most of the time, you can't see what's ahead. The level's fairly monotonous. There's a large amount of generic Spring platforming. The flow's awkward. It's hard to get a good...
  18. Kyasarin

    [Reusable] SRB2 Halloween 2009

    The entire switch idea was taken from it. So was the music and the scenery style. @Glaber: It's based off of something, sure, but that doesn't excuse your execution from being terrible.
  19. Kyasarin

    [Reusable] SRB2 Halloween 2009

    It depends, if you call stealing a giant load of ideas from an official Sonic game original and creative. Really, though, I didn't like this. Mostly because the levels you remade really suck (cramped, mazes, ugly, somewhat linear, bad enemy placement, flat), and you didn't try to improve on...
  20. Kyasarin

    [Reusable] Air Glider

    One problem I see with this is that it's hard to create a room for this that doesn't make the player feel cramped and gives them a feeling of freedom.