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  1. Mario A. Roach

    OpenGL mode giving problems when toggled on

    SIGSEGV - segment violation occurs once I toggle on OGL; I had recently changed one of my components, so I know this is why, but I need a solution.
  2. Mario A. Roach

    SRB2 2.1 mod TopDown doens't open.

    Each time and every way I install it, it just gives me an error, I can't open that mod with the said version installed nor standalone (I was trying whatever and didn't work.) Maybe I'm missing something up or it... Doesn't work and I didn't know it stopped working? Maybe my computer? I don't...
  3. Mario A. Roach

    I don't know what I am doing.

    I don't know what is this but I... What ever just look at the images xD. It is like a mix between classic and modern Sonic. What you think about it guys? ---------- Post added at 09:36 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:36 AM ---------- If @Jeck Jims doens't like the idea, I'll have to...
  4. Mario A. Roach

    ¿SRB2 update error?

    No update is available.
  5. Mario A. Roach

    Badniks and other things in MD2

    I am preparing a pack of MD2 things and some other badnick for SRB2. This is what so far I have prepared. I will make the other obvious here. I intend to do all important objects of the game in MD2.
  6. Mario A. Roach

    Jasper MD2 coming!

    I take a day working hard on this MD2: Yes, no animations, not I finished it. I took some things from Jeck jims.
  7. Mario A. Roach

    ¡Reremy's Md2 collection (Badniks 2017 update!)

    The most new! New Crawla Comander and red, blue crawla models! Badniks codes: Copy and paste these codes in md2.dat >-------- -- --- -- -------- BMSL BMSL.MD2 3.0 0.0 NPLM BOMB.MD2 2.5 0.0 FTHK THOK.md2 3.0 0.0 RETT RETT.md2 3.0 0.0 NOCC THOK.md2 3.0 0.0 YELW THOK.md2 3.0 0.0 BLEC...
  8. Mario A. Roach

    Springs Md2 models

    I've been working on some things, but mainly in a few md2 for springs, since there, I devoted myself to do them myself. download link removed
  9. Mario A. Roach

    Some silver wad?

    I've been looking for a wad of silver, but saw any, I saw images they had one but there are none on the web.