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  1. Kyasarin

    Water Works Zone, Act 2

    Water Works Zone is a mechanical base, that's under the sea. There's parts of nature growing and infesting areas of the level, and some parts where you actually go outside. The level is essentially a typical factory but with more of an emphasis on water-based gimmicks. Act 1 was entered into...
  2. Kyasarin

    For whatever reason, the site doesn't keep me logged in.

    If I'm inactive on this site for a short while, I always end up being logged out. This has started happening since Wednesday and never happened beforehand. Before you ask: Cookies are enabled and I do not have them cleared frequently/automatically. Does anybody know the cause of this, or how to...
  3. Kyasarin

    Forest Fortress Zone (Act 2)

    It's the second Act to Forest Fortress Zone, which I released a while ago. Unlike the first Act, this Act takes place at night. As the name implies, it features a giant castle in a forest. It's a single-player level. The main intent of this second Act is so that I can practice better design...
  4. Kyasarin

    [Reusable] Forest Fortress Zone (scr_forestfortresszone.wad)

    It's an age-old single-player level of mine from the v1.09.4 days. It's one of my first (and few) completed levels. It has fifty-three hidden items to find. Act 2 has been started, but hasn't seen progress in almost a year due to a lack of level design ideas. It's pretty flat and gimmick-less...
  5. Kyasarin

    Water Works Zone (working title)

    As the name implies, this level is a base taking place underwater. This level's meant to have a moderate-ish difficulty. Suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Kyasarin

    Collision messes up in certain areas of my level.

    This area is an example. I'll keep running when I go into the wall, and I sometimes get stuck and can't move.
  7. Kyasarin

    The character keeps slowing down at certain areas in my level.

    At certain parts in my level, the character drastically slows down, as if there's friction applied to the floor. What could be causing this, and how could I fix this?
  8. Kyasarin

    How do swinging chains and swinging spikeballs work?

    There's no page on the Wiki about this, and looking at Castle Eggman Zone didn't help me. Basically, when I place one, they simply appear invisible, with an error, such as this: Mace chain (mapthing #1208) needs tagged to a #9 parameter line (trying to find tag 0).
  9. Kyasarin

    People can't join my servers.

    I'm 100% positive that my ports are forwarded correctly. For whatever reason, nobody is able to join my servers, but they were able to do so yesterday. Is there any reason why this is happening, and how can I fix this?
  10. Kyasarin

    Forest Fortress Zone

    This level is, as its name implies, a Zone featuring a castle in a lush forest. The first Act takes place during the day; the second at night (which I'm in the progress of). I have plans to make a third Act as a regular level. I'm in dire need of testers for the second Act. Screenshots: (the...