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  1. Ninjawarior

    Super Sonic

  2. Ninjawarior

    Port Forwarding via Windows Explorer

    i have an ethernet cord
  3. Ninjawarior

    How did you discover Sonic?

    oh yea l forgot watched that
  4. Ninjawarior

    How did you discover Sonic?

    l played sonic classic collection on the DS but really became a fan when l started playing sonic mania.
  5. Ninjawarior

    Sonic Forces, Lost world, or 06?

    l like forces because of me
  6. Ninjawarior

    Inferno Cop & Mecha Cop

    is there cussing?
  7. Ninjawarior

    Shadow the Hedgehog

  8. Ninjawarior

    Shadow the Hedgehog

  9. Ninjawarior

    Meta Knight

    best part is that it works with kirby
  10. Ninjawarior

    Sonic Doom 2 v4.1 Released!

    how do l use it? 1616592833 never mind
  11. Ninjawarior

    [Reusable] [Battle] Sonic Battle Collection

    never mind l got it working 1615895402 l had a different version
  12. Ninjawarior

    [1.2] SRB2 Persona DEMO

  13. Ninjawarior

    [Reusable] [Battle] Sonic Battle Collection

    How do l use it? whenever l load it doesn't appear in the stage select