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  1. Spektra

    Weird CEZ1 Glitch...

    This weird bug happens in CEZ1 at the bridge colapse section. I fell off, and landed on some invisible floor just above the kill plane. No idea what causes this, and I've tried to replicate it dozens of times. I only managed to replicate it once out of all of the times that I tried.
  2. Spektra

    what's your favorit anime or manga

    Well. I haven't really watched much anime since around 2016. The last thing I watched before my anime burnout was "Sword Art Online". Yes, I now understand completely that SAO is a completely garbage anime, both in terms of story, and in terms of character development. BUT, back in 2016, I...
  3. Spektra

    my dream -_-

    Well. It seems that you've quite the active mind, however, this seems.... Just a little TOO out of place, even for General Discussion. :/
  4. Spektra

    did you know

    But..... It's literally one of the first things that you see on the main page? When a person wants to download SRB2, they'll visit the main page, right? To the left, there's the "home" section. Right underneath "Soundtrack", there's an "Archived Version" button. :/
  5. Spektra

    The Mario And Luigi Games Soundtrack

    Hoooooh...... Mario And Luigi: Dream Team's OST is just..... Woah. Easily, my favourite game in the series!
  6. Spektra

    What's your favorite candy bar? (M&M's Hersey Kisse's and Reese's are allowed)

    I'm not really the biggest fan of sweets, but in the off-chance that I DO get candy, I usually go for Twix. And if I really want to just.... Eat something sugary, I just go for Hot Tamales. That one spicy cinnamon candy. Like Mike-And-Ike's, but better. :)
  7. Spektra

    Favorite cookie?

    I've always loved snickerdoodles. 1623782279 Also, Wot? Can you not eat cookies?
  8. Spektra


    I'm not sure that it's possible to "hack" someone's SRB2 copy through a multiplayer server, unless the person has direct access to your PC, and in the event that they do, I suggest scanning for malware, or malicious software, or, in the case of an emergency, clearing your PC entirely.
  9. Spektra

    What's strange about you?

    I have a very weird obsession with Minecraft Shaders. And screenshots. Here's one of probably over five-hundred: (I've only been part of the server this was taken on for a little under a year, proving that I'm weird./)
  10. Spektra

    What country are you guys from?

    I'm from the cursed lands of the USA. ;-;
  11. Spektra

    What's your favorite SRB2MB style?

    I'd have to say "Theft & Extortion", simply because of the fact that it's purple! :D
  12. Spektra

    What's your favorite YouTube channel?

    Hoooh...... If I had to pick just one of the one-hundred-and-twenty-seven subscriptions, I'd probably have to choose Oz Media. The way he makes his videos is..... Just awesome to me, and how enthusiastic about his channel he is, makes me really happy.
  13. Spektra

    New title Whats your favorite game and why? What is your favorite sonic game and fan game

    My Favourite game of all time would probably have to be Minecraft due to how robust the game is. Favourite Sonic game has/always will be Sonic Colours (Wii). The least favourite game of all time would have to be Fortnite.
  14. Spektra

    click this we need to talk

    I'm not sure if SRB2Ween even has the ability for net-games? And even if it DID, it would probably take having to use something like Hamachi to connect to another's PC and play "locally". And even after that, back then, if it DID have support for Net-games, they would probably run like literal...
  15. Spektra

    Post your Desktop

    I made my background in Chunky Render! (Minecraft thing) I have two displays! I keep my stuff organized into one folder with about 50 other subfolders! (Please don't tell me to activate Windows, have YOU got $140USD for a product key?)
  16. Spektra

    I RETURN! (Pls don't kill me.)

    Hallo! I spent a REALLY long time being dead and not posting things, but now, I hope to be more active! I'll try my best to be active in the threads that I find interesting! See ya on the flipside! :D
  17. Spektra

    Show me how you would normally do GFZ1

    Here you go.
  18. Spektra

    How did you found sonic?

    Sonic Colours back in 2010. Great game, that's all I have to say. :D
  19. Spektra

    Sonic Colors Remastered

    A remaster of my first video game ever? Hell yeah. I'd definitely play that.