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  1. Agent Hack

    [Reusable] SRB2 Asset Pack v2.0

    I would really like some Hydrocity textures...
  2. Agent Hack

    [Reusable] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    They've fixed all those bugs except this one. (Don't fix it though it's fun when playing tag kthxbye)
  3. Agent Hack

    [Reusable] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    So I found out netgaming is possible on SRB2CB...
  4. Agent Hack

    [Reusable] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    Use SRB2 2.0's regular srb2.srb.
  5. Agent Hack

    [Reusable] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    Hai. I decided to do a test map with some slopes and new item boxes... Video More info Download!
  6. Agent Hack

    Fixed Tailspickup can bring players under the floor.

    Look here: I don't know if this is level based or code based but meh.
  7. Agent Hack

    [Reusable] SRB2Cineblast

    That round of match was complete madness.
  8. Agent Hack

    [New problem]SRB2DB 2.0 Config broken?

    Nevermind, found the problem out.
  9. Agent Hack

    cmcs21.ocx, System32, and SRB2 Doom Builder

    I've upgraded from my old Windows 7 to my new Windows 7 (Seen on the screenshot above). And I need some help... As seen in this post I had problems with SRB2 Doom Builder and it crashing when I load MainCFG editing. So I basically followed the steps I did last time to get it working exactly...
  10. Agent Hack

    Arid Canyon Zone Remix

    Well I happened to be playing in a netgame, looking for a good SRB2 song to listen too. And I just so happened to "discover" tunes 15, Arid Canyon Remix. I was a bit disappointed that it took too long to start so I took it upon myself to edit the OGG and make it start sooner, and I cut a little...
  11. Agent Hack

    SRB2 1.04 - THZ2 laser "Aftermath"

    Well I recently got my hands on a copy of SRB2 v1.04 and was playing it. I just so happened to start playing THZ2 when I got to the part where the laser shoots at you, while I went to get the red button I noticed and odd black mark on the wall that looked like something you would see when after...
  12. Agent Hack

    [Reusable] Project DAMN (Previously D00D64's Junk)

    I never said anything about effort. I just generally like GraphicX's HUD better. One thing I don't like about your HUD is that it does not look appealing, or "tasteful" in my opinion. It looks like a combination of yellow and an uglish brown. (Yeah just made up a word: "uglish" :P)
  13. Agent Hack

    [Reusable] Project DAMN (Previously D00D64's Junk)

    @Bold: Opinion Nothing but an opinion. I personally like GraphicX8000's HUD way better than that one, but then again, that's just an opinion.
  14. Agent Hack

    [Reusable] Project DAMN (Previously D00D64's Junk)

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention that one. I actually think it's quite fun. But it could use just a little bit more texture variation.
  15. Agent Hack

    [Reusable] Project DAMN (Previously D00D64's Junk)

    Let me make this simple, I really don't have much time. -I noticed no changes in Cloud Cradle except for the fact that the carry-belt is translucent and that the ending area got uglier. -Those Jetty-Syns shotting bomb rings still were not needed. -Bleeding Green's music does not fit. And...
  16. Agent Hack

    [Reusable] Project DAMN (Previously D00D64's Junk)

    What are you talking about? It's just a bunch of already-released content in one pack.
  17. Agent Hack

    [Reusable] Super Monitor! (supermonitor.wad)

    Acid Missile is also available for 2.0. There are various ports of this around, but not fully ported. Which has bugs compared to 2.0's RVZ1. So does 2.0. (I think) orly?
  18. Agent Hack

    SRB2DB Loading Script crash

    When I enter SRB2DB and try to load up the MAINCFG or 'script' the builder crashes with this message: I've tried re-downloading SRB2DB too, and that did not work. And I've never seemed to have this problem back on Windows Xp. >_> I can haz halp?
  19. Agent Hack

    Egg Capsule Isn't working properly

    I lol'd when I first saw this. As you can see here, the Egg Capsule does not rise properly. So..Um...HALP? If you want to see the Map for yourself just ask in this topic or PM Me. Thanks in advance.
  20. Agent Hack

    SonicQuest - Beta 0.6 [mtf_sonicquest_beta06.wad]

    SonicQuest is an un-finished moddification of the fangame SRB2 designed to add content to all aspects of SRB2's gameplay including graphics, levels, and music. --- SonicQuest - Beta 0.6 - Change-log -3 match maps: Green Canyon Zone and Emerald Valley Zone, and South Island Zone -2 CTF maps...