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  1. ZX

    SRB2 Hub (1.3)

    Kudos to you for being so avid about this project. Loved it since it first came out and I continue to use it to this day. I can't really give you tips for improvement since it's great as it is, so just keep doing what you're doing.
  2. ZX

    Graphical Issues in Netgames

    This has been going on since I downloaded SRB2 on this laptop. Every time I go into a Netgame, some kind of lag strikes that makes it seem like frames are being dropped constantly, when in reality, it's running a constant 33-35 FPS. I'm running a 2.00GB RAM Toshiba Satellite C655 Series laptop...
  3. ZX

    Map Picture Question [XWE]

    As the title says, I'm having a little trouble with the picture I captured and resized to use on the level select screen to represent my map. The problem is that XWE either doesn't show it at all and thus causes it to SIGSEGV in the level select screen, or it does show it in perfect color, but...
  4. ZX

    Freezing when I try to join games...

    Lately, whenever I've tried to load the Netgame list, the game has frozen. Well, the music still plays, but it does nothing, and I can't get out of it unless I relogin. It literally screws up my whole laptop. Even when the window is inactive, my mouse is frozen in place. Can anybody help me out...
  5. ZX

    Revival Thread for Pristine Forest - Current Build: .1

    Well, after a long while, I've finally gotten off my ass and decided to continue Pristine Forest. How long has it been? A couple of months 'er something?... I don't effin' know... Anyways, a LOT has changed since the last release which was released <insert accurate timeframe here> ago...
  6. ZX

    Dripping Water Question

    Well, I'm currently working on a level, and there're a couple of areas where I want to have the dripping water come down. However, both of those areas' ceilings are FOFs, and I have no idea how to offset the drips so they fall from that height. I.E. the overall height is 1800 and the bottom of...
  7. ZX

    Doom Builder OCX Error

    Every time I try to go edit my MAINCFG in Doom Builder, it gives me this error: Run-time error '339': Component 'cmcs21.ocx' or one of its dependencies not currently registered: a file is missing or invalid However, I have that exact OCX in my Doom Builder folder. Is there somewhere specific...
  8. ZX

    "Couldn't set video mode because it failed the change?"

    The topic name is the error that always comes up when I attempt to run SRB2 (or anything, for that matter) in OpenGL. Does anyone know the solution to this? I know windowed mode works, but I still want full screen. And yes, I am running the .BAT, not the .EXE file to boot SRB2OGL. So if...
  9. ZX

    [Reusable] Project: Sphere [V.2 is out now!] (mtf_projectsphere_v2.wad)

    I don't mean to be harsh here, but I think the pack'd be a lot better if you did follow through with scrapping that level. It's extremely hard to get around, extremely easy to win a round at it, and I just personally don't like the drive that you used to make it. I would suggest making it...
  10. ZX

    SRB2's doing it again.

    Well, to put it bluntly, whenever I host my Server gives the players horrible C-lag, to the point where their control responses are 5 seconds off, and I was just in a Server a moment ago myself. I had very bad c-lag, roughly delaying me 3-4 seconds. It worked perfectly until around 5pm... After...
  11. ZX

    SRB2 Doom Builder

    It's fixed. You had the sector under the bridge set far too high and didn't give it any Linedefs. Also, the level is extremely bland and cramped. Make it bigger, longer, and add a lot more detail to it. Anyways, here you go.
  12. ZX

    Graphical Error

    Alright, so I'm working on a level, right? Got everything set up a-ok, checked for errors and none came up... But how does that explain this? The Sector is closed, the linedefs are set properly... I don't understand why it's doing this. Anyone know? :S
  13. ZX

    Boss Level Exits?

    Setting up a capsule is extremely confusing for me to do, so I would like to know how that, after you beat the boss, the level immediately ends. Any help?
  14. ZX

    Custom Character Names?

    ...Don't worry. I know how to put them in and use them. However, I've noticed the print of the letters is of a specific kind and I can't seem to get it down right. I'd just like to know how I'm supposed to make those kinds of letters, because I'm trying to learn how to make Character WADs and...
  15. ZX

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky

    So, as most of us Pokéfans should know by this point, Nintendo and ChunSoft released a re-do of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness. But I bet a lot of you are thinking, "It's just the same game. What makes it so great?" ...Well no, it's not necessarily the same game, actually...
  16. ZX

    A music problem...

    My problem started as this: It used to be whenever I played Heaven Pass, NAGZ, or Cloud Palace, it would SIGSEGV. After testing out the tunes slot 142, the game would also SIGSEGV. However, this was because I had custom music added into the game. Just earlier, I pulled out the custom tunes 142...
  17. ZX

    Pristine Forest (sc_pfz_a1.wad)

    This is my first co-op/single player project, Pristine Forest Zone. I wanted it to be based off of a beautiful forest, in its natural beauty and serenity, while with hidden things along the way. The theme is to be calming and spirit-lifting and to make you feel good while you're bopping some...
  18. ZX

    2.0.3 issue?

    Alright. I'm not sure if this'd go in Bug Reports, but... Ever since I downloaded 2.0.3, every time I've joined a server, I've had tremendous amounts of control lag that remained for the whole time I was there. I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but I wanted to report it because...
  19. ZX

    Shadow Peak RV (mt_shadowpeak.wad)

    Okay. The main reason why I didn't release this back when I claimed I would in 1.09.4 is because I knew 2.0 wasn't too far away, so I didn't want to release it, as it would become obsolete, and people would already know how to go through it by the 2.0 release, as they will have used it before...
  20. ZX

    A consistent (literally) problem

    Everytime I go to join a Server, I either get c-kicked, SIGSEGV'd, or get timed out, RIGHT when I join it. Frankly, it's really starting to ******* annoy me. Does anyone have any idea WHY it keeps pulling these stunts? =/