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  1. HellHawkX

    Inazuma the Deer

    Welcome to releases! took you look enough. I like the abilities, the flexibility of his Bolt Stream combined with the slowfall effect from Electric Barrier gives him really high maneuverability. His match abilities are interesting as well, my personal favorite is Solar Flare Radial Flash.
  2. HellHawkX

    [Open Assets] Empiral Multiplayer v1.1.4 Mod

    Welcome to releases!
  3. HellHawkX

    [Compatible] Blossom Valley [scr_blossomvalley(encore)_v2.1.wad]

    Welcome to releases! I really like the way you integrated all the GFZ styled maps into a single level, was not expecting to see Jade Valley in there as well though. The only issue I have is that the map was disorienting at times and I was unsure where to go for a few seconds, but that could...
  4. HellHawkX

    [Open Assets] Encore Mode

    Welcome to releases!
  5. HellHawkX

    [Open Assets] Encore characters

    Welcome to releases!
  6. HellHawkX

    mt_exoticheaven.wad - Match in heaven?

    Welcome to releases!
  7. HellHawkX

    [Open Assets] ExitMove v1.6 - Post-exit playability

    Welcome to releases
  8. HellHawkX

    [Open Assets] Tag Coop (tagcoop.lua)

    Welcome to Releases!
  9. HellHawkX

    Return of The Snailer

  10. HellHawkX

    Ask a Quick Question, Maybe Get An Answer Sometime

    This reminds me of that one time I broke Shadow's CC when working on it
  11. HellHawkX

    [Open Assets] Sonic 2 Super Glow

    Welcome to releases.
  12. HellHawkX

    [Open Assets] Gametype Abilities (Sonic Only)

    Welcome to releases
  13. HellHawkX

    [Open Assets] MultiDirectional Thok [ChargeThok.wad]

    Welcome to releases
  14. HellHawkX

    [Open Assets] Sonic Lost World Bounce Attack!

    Welcome to releases
  15. HellHawkX

    Sonic Robo Blast 2: Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff

    You might as well take an extra step and make it so that the text gradually switches colors
  16. HellHawkX

    Nameless Base Zone

    Welcome to releases