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  1. sonictheblast

    Sonic Dream Team discussion

    I hope they put this on pc
  2. sonictheblast

    Kaldrum's 3D Models

    It would be cool if there was a Winter Amy skin from mania adventures. just a idea
  3. sonictheblast

    Time Warp Signs

    What's that hud?
  4. sonictheblast

    SRB1 Remake on Scratch!

    Tuff less
  5. sonictheblast


    Ok, but for me dx sounded better.
  6. sonictheblast

    srb2 frontier <<canceled>>

    I hope you can find someone to help you.
  7. sonictheblast

    Tyson Hesse Sonic

    Eh the sprites are fine but it looks like junio sonic sometimes the walk looks kinda off 5/10
  8. sonictheblast

    Past Sonic

    Eh not that good.
  9. sonictheblast

    [Open Assets] Funny Meme

    It's a unused sprite from 8 bit sonic 2
  10. sonictheblast

    Jeck Jims' 2.2 3D Models

    ? It was at 2020
  11. sonictheblast

    Purple Guy MOD [probably in development idk]

    So it's cancelled for a guy with a hat?
  12. sonictheblast

    this isn't real

    Eh old paint 3d sonic is still better
  13. sonictheblast


    Glitch sonic.
  14. sonictheblast

    What in the world is SRB2 Workshop?

    Why is that Bubblin guy banned?