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  1. GS_HD

    [Open Assets] Sonic Adventure DX

    Should replace some of those fake slopes made of stairs with actual slopes now that those are possible Some Floor textures like that Marble Floor in Casinopolis should be aligned using Linedef Type 7 now that this is also possible
  2. GS_HD


    Instead of completely scrapping circuit maps how about bringing them back and make each one of them focus on a specific character, this would: A - Solve balancing issues like Sonic just thokking his way through every map or Tails using his fly charge over everything before other players even...
  3. GS_HD

    What changes do you want in 2.2.14?

    e v e r y t h i n g Leavebug fix Some option to unload wads before joining a server that doesn't have the same wads loaded as the player joining would be nice
  4. GS_HD

    The Sonic X Ring Burst Ability!

    Sonic turns into a flying egg
  5. GS_HD

    Chemical plant zone

    This looks soo pretty
  6. GS_HD

    Reusability, Ports, and Author's Returns

    Cool, so many neat mods have been made that are kinda just stuck in inferior and buggy versions of the game so this will be good to finally be able to play them in a much more comfortable way.
  7. GS_HD

    Arabic scale music

    Sonic & the Secret Ring be like
  8. GS_HD

    Green Hill Remake & Marble Zone Remake

    Wow, sector based Corkscrew, curious how easy or hard that was to make. EDIT: I'm also curious how well it runs ingame both visually and performance wise.
  9. GS_HD

    if you would change something about classic sonic what would you change

    Delete him entirely, should have just went with 1 single sonic.
  10. GS_HD

    what browser do you use

    Microsoft Edge (not kidding by the way, it's very good)
  11. GS_HD


    Give Brak Eggman his Cape
  12. GS_HD

    Did we just got trolled?

  13. GS_HD

    Why does everyone hate Sonic Lost World?

    What DylanDude said + Lots of people comparing it unfavorably to Super Mario Galaxy
  14. GS_HD

    Should we even call SRB2 SRB2 and not SRB?

    Yes, we should, because I said so, and there's nothing you can do about it. Serious answer: the story is a follow-up/sequel to the first game so SRB2 works. a subtitle might also work if you can think of one.
  15. GS_HD

    Official Level Design Contest 2021: Round 2

    Use 2.2.9 to play this, some levels are broken in the current version
  16. GS_HD


    Good way to pass time while waiting for people to join
  17. GS_HD

    = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.5c]

    How do you get past the first slope in THZ2? do you get morph ball spin charge by default? how do you activate it? EDIT: figured it out, fun mod
  18. GS_HD

    Does every water bobbing FOF has to have a different tag to bob on it's own?

    Yes, and a separate control sector aswell
  19. GS_HD


    Of all the games they could remaster they chose the least deserving one... I like Generations but Unleashed, Rush, Riders and Storybook series games could also use PC ports. New Shadow levels and stuff look interesting though, especially because they aren't just copy-pasted levels like Forces.