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  1. Shanon


    Alert i seen if you use console command flipcam yes in space camera becomes crazy for prevent that make sure you got command flipcam off. thx for read.:wonderful:
  2. Shanon

    Tyson Hesse Sonic

    Nice, new sprite styles but i think the old jump sprite was better but the rest is awesome:wonderful:.
  3. Shanon


    Shanon updated Pterabyte with a new update entry: (Fixed Stuff And Added Stuff) Read the rest of this update entry...
  4. Shanon

    Pterabyte - (Fixed Stuff And Added Stuff)

    -Important: Be sure to get the console command "Flipcam" in >Off< if you got the option in >On< (That prevent crazy camera in space sectors). -Note: Pterabyte can carry players with him infinite flying (jump to pterabyte while him stay in flying state) but dont try carry pterabyte(Better don...
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    yes but is a custom version its just based on the original one of the halloween level.
  6. Shanon


    The last member already in work in progress section is ghostly.
  7. Shanon

    Pterabyte V.1.5(Finished)

    Important Notice: Pterabyte Need Rework in the flying stuff Reason ? the Reverse Gravity And Zoomtubes Cant Be Fixed With the Current flying code dont worry the others bugs was fixed and skills was added. just need fix that 2 big bugs. Thx For Read:wonderful:
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  9. Shanon


    Here i put the new important bugs discovered.
  10. Shanon

    Ghostly(The last member of the trinity of the robot factory break)

    Just a little test of ghostly 1 custom animation -About Characters order of release: 1- First Finish pterabyte stuff and new skills. --Next-- 2-Release Ghostly. --And Last-- 3-Release Voiced amy. ------ :wonderful:Im trying follow the story line of the characters in order :wonderful: thx for read.
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    Working on fix the last bugs, the invert gravity one is heavy so this can be a long wait. next update can be added skills and better visual effects. thx for read.
  12. Shanon

    Ghostly(The last member of the trinity of the robot factory break)

    Artwork(still in dev). Test Sprites: . Based in the ghost of the hallowen level of base game this : . Thanks for read.:wonderful:
  13. Shanon

    Penguinator - V2.3 - Camera Fixed

    Fixed Camera Zoom in or Zoom out do others addons camera becomes penguinator camera zoom. Explain : I find Penguinator camera zoom affects other addons while using him with others addons. Sorry i didnt see that error for a long time >.< now it's fixed.
  14. Shanon


    Shanon updated Penguinator with a new update entry: Camera Fixed Read the rest of this update entry...
  15. Shanon

    Voiced Amy(In a long developement)

    Voiced amy now becomes a long developement reason i want she be more special about gameplay and playstyle. thx for read:wonderful:
  16. Shanon

    The Last one of the Trinity

    :threat:Hi, here the <Missing name>...<Missing data> ... <Reconnecting to ???> ... : (Hi User, One question you seen my friends?...yes?...They are good with you?...thanks for the reply user.) ... <End of Communication> ... <Reconnections to Master> ... And that was what i need to tell to you...
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    Shanon updated Pterabyte with a new update entry: Emergency Fix Update Read the rest of this update entry...
  18. Shanon

    Pterabyte - Emergency Fix Update

    HI, here the Updated List of bugs.
  19. Shanon


    Why This Badniks Choose Help The Good Boys? Pterabyte Got: Him was saved by amy, penguinator Got: for revenge to eggman and ??? Got: Only want see the good fo him 2 friends. What happened in that robot factory? thats the question 0.0 Smells like Side Story?
  20. Shanon


    I dont know how md2 models work in sprite characters sorry >.< 1678702292 Hi, if someone find other bug in pterabyte(not listed in bugs list) please let me know here to take note for the future bugs fix patch. Thx for read:wonderful: