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  1. Revolution

    Classic Sounds

    Revolution updated Classic Sounds with a new update entry: Version 5.0.1 Read the rest of this update entry...
  2. Revolution

    Classic Sounds - Version 5.0.1 - Useless Classic Sounds (Actual 2nd Anniversary Update?)

    Classic Sounds [sfx_bejet1] Replaced the unused Black Eggman jetpack charging sound with Mecha Sonic's thruster sound from Sonic 2. (This was replaced in favor of the Egg Animus from Mystic Realm: Community Edition as that boss uses that sound.) Minor sound tweaks.
  3. Revolution

    [Open Assets] [v1.4] ~ Pipe Towers Zone revamped

    Not that it matters, but re-enabling the emblems creates copies of them instead of overwriting them. I found that if you label the emblem headers in the emblems SOC "Emblem n" where "n" is numbers 115-121, you can overwrite the original emblems properly.
  4. Revolution

    [Open Assets] Spring Twirl

    This mod's pretty cool, but the fact that it has to check for every vertical and diagonal spring with "MobjCollide" makes certain levels lag for me.
  5. Revolution

    [Open Assets] Proper Super Forms

    Does anyone know the exact range of Super Knuckles' nuke? I want to make Super Amy and Super Fang's nukes the same range as Super Knuckles.
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    Classic Sounds

    Revolution updated Classic Sounds with a new update entry: Version 5.0 - More Classic Sounds (Early 3rd Anniversary Update) Read the rest of this update entry...
  7. Revolution

    Classic Sounds - Version 5.0 - More Classic Sounds (Early 2nd Anniversary Update)

    After a little over a year, I'm back with a big update. A lot of changes have been made to improve this mod (as well as making sure this mod is up to snuff with my current tastes), but mainly two (if you don't want to read the changelog): As of this update, Classic Sounds is no longer about...
  8. Revolution

    Speed Shoes Prevent Damage

    Revolution updated Speed Shoes Prevent Damage with a new update entry: New download option Read the rest of this update entry...
  9. Revolution

    [Open Assets] Speed Shoes Prevent Damage - New download option - No Acceleration Damage

    A pointless update, but, added No Acceleration Damage, an option that gives you the benefits of both No Shoes Damage and No Speed Damage, preventing damage at high speeds without the speed shoes, and giving you free invincibility with the speed shoes.
  10. Revolution

    Smooth Spin Trail!

    Is there a way to apply this to Modern Sonic when he boosts?
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    How to Properly Loop your Music

    If looping your song at or past the minute mark, did you put the correct number of milliseconds? I think the problem is the number of milliseconds you put when your save your track, not that you're using LOOPMS instead of LOOPPOINT, because they both work fine. For example, if you wanted to...
  12. Revolution

    How to Properly Loop your Music

    Is your track set to a rate of "44100"? If it isn't, that's probably why the looppoint's all jank. SRB2 only loops music files in 44100Hz.
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    Nah. A "Team Robotnik" is most likely to have Robotnik in it. My ideal "Team Robotnik" would consist of him, Eggette and Eggrobo. (Also, I prefer to call him "Eggman".)
  14. Revolution


    That must've been written before Adventure Sonic came out.
  15. Revolution

    Mattioz Pack - V1.4.4 - Chemicals Update.

    Awesome map pack! I haven't player SRB2Kart in a long time. This is seriously making me consider jumping back in.
  16. Revolution

    Espio (2021)

    Espio's finally been updated!
  17. Revolution

    RushChars - Blaze and Marine

    These characters are so amazing! Their abilities are so inventive! Got the Sol Emeralds as both. Had the time of my life, something I haven't had since Adventure Sonic, Mario, Modern Sonic, etc. Great job!
  18. Revolution

    Super Mario Bros.

    What's "pvp"?
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    [Open Assets] Legacy Espio (v2.95)

    Can you please change Legacy Espio's sprites and skin name (preferably to "legacyespio") to be his own and not overwrite 2.2 Espio? I want to be able to use them both and the same time.