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    How Would You Improve Bad Sonic Games?

    I like the changes but the classic amy. this is "classic" amy of course she gonna have one ability like the rest of the classic cast.
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    [Open Assets] Ultimate Randomizer

    v2 is not loading the custom object for some reason.
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    How do you feel about the thok being replaced?

    if it's too fast play another char.
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    Extra Monitors! - MonitorsPlus

    i seen this mod not too long ago, and i wanted to be ported to 2.2, and now it has thinks.
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    AI Works

    and I would like to see more.
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    AI Works

    hey, I'm a srb2 bot's fan and I played exai, foxbot and buddyex, but this may be the biggest bots mod with race and coop, i hope this doesn't get cancelled.
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    Why does people hate Chris from sonic x

    so yeah, there's a lot of people hating on Chris why?
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    [Open Assets] MT_UNKNOWN v2.1

    the unknown has teleported to the U N K N O W N
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    Riven rerelease

    you can't request a mod, you got to make it yourself.
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    What was the first version of srb2 yall played?

    version 2.2.4 or 5 1658104477 on android
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    What ai mod can i try

    oh, you Shourd try foxbot
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    how to host a server without being in the server

    in need help of doing this and help of getting back in.
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    Sonic Origins released. What are your thoughts?

    Finally, at least your being happy about the game, I have not play the game myself but I saw some videos, the game is good, I like the story mode the cutscenes and the animation, also the mission mode and I like how you use the dropdash to. But I don't like how Sega delete all the 4 classic...
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    Sonic frontiers gameplay has been finally shown,of course with some probs😅

    come on guys this is in early built of sonic frontiers
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    [Open Assets] Encore Mode

    how about make a command about it :)