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  1. RazorionLVII

    The Exiled Island

    Pretty cool
  2. RazorionLVII

    [Open Assets] Junio Sonic

    Roach isn't working on this addon anymore, it's open asset, so you or someone else will have to fix it themself.
  3. RazorionLVII


    I've been waiting for this >:)
  4. RazorionLVII

    Peppermint's SRB2 Styled Models

  5. RazorionLVII

    (CANCELLED) Sonic Adventure DX 2.2 Port

    I thought multiplayer was being released in a later update?
  6. RazorionLVII

    [Open Assets] Xtreme Sonic

    Well there WAS a model of Xtreme Sonic for normal Sonic, but I dunno what happened to it
  7. RazorionLVII

    CrispyModels: Mid-Poly

    From the game? Sonic the Fighters? He means IN the actual game
  8. RazorionLVII

    cosmic emerald's character tweaks (CECT)

    Can't wait for Knuckles' punch frames to be added
  9. RazorionLVII

    [Open Assets] More Act Clear Themes

    Ah ok, singular instead of plural
  10. RazorionLVII

    [Open Assets] More Act Clear Themes

    What's the consvar command? Besides actclearthemes
  11. RazorionLVII

    Honey The Cat

    Technically she is, she's based on a character with the same name from a game called Fighting Vipers
  12. RazorionLVII

    Duke Nukem

    It's time to kill badniks and play ringslinger, but i'm all out of rings 😎
  13. RazorionLVII

    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    Probably the most annoying part of the process, besides the coding of course. Take your time m8
  14. RazorionLVII


    My favorite part of this mod
  15. RazorionLVII

    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    Is this a bonus? Or a good omen?
  16. RazorionLVII

    [Open Assets] Character-specific jingles template

    It's under "Assets", and titled "Reusable"
  17. RazorionLVII

    Tyson Hesse Sonic (Done.)

    Pretty neat, can't wait
  18. RazorionLVII

    [Open Assets] Junio Sonic

    This mod has been inactive for a while, and Roach hasn't made any announcements involving updates
  19. RazorionLVII

    CrispyModels: Mid-Poly

    I ran into an issueDon't know if it's just me, but the peelout treads wont show up