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  1. Cue

    When will we get Discord RPC?

    Viral licenses are a crock of shit anyway. It puts horrendous restrictions on what you can use in your software. It's fine in the fact that you have to open-source your modifications but having to only use libraries that are also compatible with its incredibly restrictive terms just hinders...
  2. Cue

    What do you think about the overhaul of the official website?

    Good to hear it’s moving to XenForo, vB’s newest iterations suck pretty bad. XenForo is basically the new go-to for forum software Just means having to redo a lot of the custom stuff really, but it’s also a lot easier to work with then vB
  3. Cue

    What do you think about the overhaul of the official website?

    Looks fine to me, but the nav needs to sit in a collapsed top bar when on mobile really, that’ll also give a bit more space for the content. What desperately needs tweaking is the vBulletin container width and post it profile placement, because the MB is a nightmare on mobile
  4. Cue

    Mystic removal discussion - The good and the bad

    I'm pretty sure the community culture was a product of Mystic, not the other way around.
  5. Cue

    Mystic removal discussion - The good and the bad

    In hindsight trying to implement such a beast into a C application would have been an incredibly masochistic thing for me to do Funnily enough I’m basically implementing such a feature into the system my studio uses for making arenascale VR games now. That however is not a tale for this thread
  6. Cue

    Mystic removal discussion - The good and the bad

    My oh my. This is quite a thread. Let's just say that Mystic's presence certainly contributed to my departure from the team. While I pushed the envelope more than some others with him, it was very stifling from a creative POV for him to be around. Looking back he really did ingrain this very...
  7. Cue

    Webm and Youtube silly silly

    The majority of vBulletin add-ons have been shelved, as vB3 is old as hell and nobody wants to dev for the never vBulletin versions any more because it's turned into a pretty awful bit of software. Unsurprising that it's all broken really. I'm gonna slither back into the woodwork now.
  8. Cue

    Constant WAD in-game download failures

    The main issue is the amount of restructuring required. Potentially you could have it download other EXEs and relaunch using that EXE from the servers for mods and whatnot, but you have to work out how to identify WADs, etc. Plus some probably restructuring of folders to tidy things up...
  9. Cue

    Roly Poly Putt

    He registered an LLC for it, hope you don't mind.
  10. Cue


    As a programmer, I'd find it much easier to do it this way than make a scene in Maya and whatnot.
  11. Cue

    How do PWADs affect memory consumption in SRB2?

    It's a mix of both, you can definitely see the C in it, but it's also quite close to Java with the dot-syntax, OOP, etc. In the real world, unless you're working with embedded systems, C++ is generally far more important. You can develop applications and games much faster than in C, and it's...
  12. Cue

    Looking for people from 2008-2009

    This community doesn't really have much to offer me any more, not much reason to stay around.
  13. Cue

    Looking for people from 2008-2009

    Oh hey, it's a complete summary of my current standing too.
  14. Cue

    Looking for people from 2008-2009

    Oh don't worry, we all went through that phase. I joined 7 years ago this month, so I was 12 at the time too.
  15. Cue

    Srb2 Running On Mac (Works with Netplay and everything the Windows Version does)

    Pretty sure it's still MSVC, much as I nagged for GCC everywhere. I'd like to be wrong, someone correct me.
  16. Cue


    You think the in-game quality is bad? Wait until you see the code, 80 nested if statements is not a pretty sight. Source: It's not obfuscated at all, since it's .NET is decompiled it and snooped around. Item effects buffs are done via a very large nest of IFs.
  17. Cue

    Missing IP address information in the MasterServer list allows stealing of admin pw's

    Best suggestion I can give is make them join via IP. There's nowhere to put an IP, the menu system is very inefficient with space and doesn't allow much information to be displayed at all.
  18. Cue

    SRB2 Juicebox: A New Minecraft

    How have you not installed a block logger yet? They are basically essential to any server.
  19. Cue

    What is your ping grade/Speed?

    The PC still sends a signal to, and detects, a monitor on standby. I have three here, and they're sure as hell all still having a signal sent to them and are detected when I turn two off.
  20. Cue

    What is your ping grade/Speed?

    Brightness of screen is on the screen, not the PC. They're completely independent. Even when you turn the screen off (switch/standby not plug), it's still detected by the PC, no? Exactly. The PC will output a signal to it even on standby.