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  1. limeflavoredtree

    Official SUGOI trilogy port project

    IT'S HERE!!! IT'S FINALLY HERE!! 2.2.12!!!!!!! We can finally rest now. Work on the SUGOI trilogy can begin.
  2. limeflavoredtree

    How can you get SRB2 2.2.11 on iOS without jailbreak?

    You can't even get it with.
  3. limeflavoredtree

    What in the world is SRB2 Workshop?

    You take the 2.1 source code and port the version yourself.
  4. limeflavoredtree

    im going to be honest i dont like Sonic 1 I'm curious. What didn't you like about Sonic 1? Personally, I thought it was a solid 8/10.
  5. limeflavoredtree


    i think some of the flashing should be toned down a bit. at afar, it's.. Alright but when you get up Close it gets really annoying. this is most prominent in the black eggman boss where you just HAVE to hit the Robo and witness him change to white and back Every Frame. to Solve This, i think...
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    Febuary 2000 Prototype Discussion (previously "First version of GFZ FOUND")

    we did it srb2ians. we found PRE-BRIDGE. this is an incredible moment of history
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    How'd you get your profile picture?

    GIMP allows you to create "The Balls"
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    ah, makes sense, it's alrigh
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  10. limeflavoredtree


    type "ultimate" in the save file selection screen
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    Post your Desktop

    posting Here again because i got a new computer last year, this Is A Desktop
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    why zenos level don't work

    i get what you mean, most people don't exactly KNOW When It's Done. this is why i marked it down right here for everyone to know what to expect. you're welcome.
  13. limeflavoredtree

    2.3 Discussion

    Make his story mandatory to finish the game too like in SA1
  14. limeflavoredtree

    Old digital soundtrack SF2

    the pre-2.2 digital soundtrack actually uses real life synthesizers; the korg X5DR and the yamaha MU100 to be exact you might be able to find vsts or even soundfonts of them if you look hard enough, but they likely wont be as accurate to the hardware this album however uses instruments...
  15. limeflavoredtree

    Where did the name for the SDURF come from?

    it's stupid, dumb, unnamed, and it's a robo-fish
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    New SRB2 update?!

    2.2.10 just dropped. but as of right now the main site still directs you to 2.2.9's download, so you'll have to use the github.
  17. limeflavoredtree

    New SRB2 update?!

    ah, i was wondering why the site still had 2.2.9
  18. limeflavoredtree

    what is your custom title?

    Mine is because GameBro shined the holy light of Gaming upon me
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    Post your Desktop

    you want desktops? i got your desktops right here pal