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  1. Axolex53

    [CTF] Not Perfect

    I'm not gonna spoil you, but think in a way to "defeat" death in ground, maybe there is some breakable walls in the meanwhile...
  2. Axolex53

    How did you get your Username...

    Back in 2017 (I think?) I wanted to create a Mii that would look like me in those days Messing around with my name came up Axolex, but the 53 it was like a random number that it's my favorite nowadays It's funny that afterwards I found out "Axol" from SMG4
  3. Axolex53

    Sans Gaster Blast 2 (Discontinued)

    Sorry pal but first of all, the mod is discontinued, and secondly:
  4. Axolex53

    Henry Fail Messages

    I was going to comment one fail message when you die by the flames of the Brak's bomb. You know what they say! The more, the merrier!
  5. Axolex53

    Fictional characters you'd never want to exist in real life.

    Pokemons, that's it, pretty self-explanatory
  6. Axolex53

    Do you think Sonic Coulors Ultimate will save the Sonic Franchise?

    Mainly is because Sega rush the Sonic Team to make games at the speed of sound (which obviously is NOT the right method), and well... Because somehow the Original Colours went well at vents... They decided to continue with the formula. I think that Sega itself and Sonic Team doesn't know how to...
  7. Axolex53

    Do you think Sonic Coulors Ultimate will save the Sonic Franchise?

    Well... If the Remaster goes well and they improve at the level design and so many things, it may be a good start for future projects
  8. Axolex53

    Espio (2021)

    Awesome, just awesome
  9. Axolex53

    Lawyer Gestures

    As a fan of Phoenix Wright, i can say that this is a masterpiece
  10. Axolex53

    Meta Knight

    Uhm... you didn't need to translate to Spanish because this is a English community... But i see that you used the translator lol
  11. Axolex53

    favorite song in friday night funkin?

    Easy to Answer, Week 6 (though Senpai i didn't like it that much), the Whole week 1, Blammed and Pico If you mean mod's songs, Lo-fight, Encore, R.A.M, Dunk and Hello World. Also the week of Sky (though the Last one, Manifiest, remind me about megalovania lol) and the first song of Sarvent's mod
  12. Axolex53

    Meta Knight

    Woah, that was unexpected, you caught me off guard, let's see what you got!
  13. Axolex53

    Sonic Colors Remastered

    Honestly? I thought about it and i don't know, i really hope that the levels are gonna be redesigned (a perfect balance between 3d and 2d sections) or gonna be some of them like kind of missions (like the DS version) because we are aware that some levels in the Wii version are completed on less...
  14. Axolex53

    Tangle the Lemur

    In that case, why you don't make it yourself? Like the rules would say: The next time, try to read the rules before breaking them...
  15. Axolex53

    Metal Knuckles & Tails Doll - Sonic R Characters

    What's the version of SRB2 that you use?
  16. Axolex53

    The Swimming Debate.

    I agree with you in this point, i have so many things that tangles my mind and i don't wanna see this debate again... My conclusion: Sonic Advance is a Modern Game because it's in the modern Chronological Timeline, that's all
  17. Axolex53

    The Swimming Debate.

    Oh god, i remember this debate on a specific Server, and trust me, Advance triology is NOT a classic game. (Yeah, even if uses the Sonic 1,2,3 & K, Formula, still is a modern Game)
  18. Axolex53

    [Open Assets] Snolf the Golfball

    Woah, i can't believe you actually made it! I really thought that was impossible and something very stupid to do Amazing job in this update!
  19. Axolex53

    Tangle the Lemur

    Welcome to Releases!
  20. Axolex53

    Ok so i was playing srb2 and i found an easter egg

    Wait, you knew it's possible to screenshot with F8? Unless that you don't have internet on your PC to upload from there