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  1. Alessand97

    fznmeatpopsicle's Kart Character MD3 Model Pack

    Loved the kirby model!
  2. Alessand97

    [Level Pack] Marsh Mayhem Pack [NEW MAP - MARBLE ZONE]

    FINALLY! After months of teasing, Marsh delivers!
  3. Alessand97

    [Open Assets] Dunkehr

    Just saw the SAGE 20th trailer. Congrats!
  4. Alessand97

    [Open Assets] HOSTMOD

    I did some testing and with this config only test3, 4 and 5 works.
  5. Alessand97

    [Open Assets] HOSTMOD

    hm_scoreboard_addmod doesn't seem to be working correctly. It doesn't work if used in kartserv.cfg but works when used ingame with the console.
  6. Alessand97

    [Open Assets] Cu Chulainn + extra(Fate Series)

    Padoru Padoru Padoru Padoru
  7. Alessand97

    Boo version 2

  8. Alessand97

    [Character] Super Mario Kart Pack (V2.1)

    Bowser junior having a square head is so funny to me.
  9. Alessand97

    [1.5]KartMP: A hot take on Kart balance

    Testing I found out you can just write them in the kartserv.cfg like kmp_haste On
  10. Alessand97

    [1.5]KartMP: A hot take on Kart balance

    I meant enabling all options
  11. Alessand97

    [Level Pack] Ivo Industries Track Pack V10.1

    Loved your pack! The effort you put into this really shines through!
  12. Alessand97

    [1.5]KartMP: A hot take on Kart balance

    Is there a way to turn them on while launching a dedicated server?
  13. Alessand97

    [Open Assets] Incoming SugoiPB!

    The prefix is incomplete
  14. Alessand97

    [Character] Renderer's Character Arsenal v1.0

    Can't wait to scream YER A BUNCH OF PECK NECKS! at the racers.
  15. Alessand97

    [Open Assets] Nintendo Gamecube (MKDD Battle Map)

    Thanks for making this!
  16. Alessand97

    [MP Level] Ωmega Tracks

    Is "Logna's Regerts" intentional?