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  1. highonfunnystuff

    First Alpha Release: Helcurt from Mobile Legends

    This is the first release for the custom fan character. Helcurt is one of the heroes from a mobile MOBA game called Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. I chose to pick Helcurt because he's been my main hero for at least 5 years :threat:. This build was only tested by me, so this release is an opportunity...
  2. highonfunnystuff

    How do I alter Game Sprites and Behavior with my addon Character?

    I'm brand new to modding and have a few questions about the process: How do I remove unnecessary sprites/frames or add the brand new sprites/frames for my character without triggering MISSING ROTATIONS error? How to alter enemy behavor when my character is used? Should I create a just program...
  3. highonfunnystuff

    Custom character is missing rotations, but they exist!

    I've been sorting files in slade by name, type and size, so I think the order of the files... don't correspond to their actual placement? Also, I seem to be unable to move files in hirerarchy, how do I do that? Update: I've figured how to put S_SKIN on top and S_START and S_END on the bottom...
  4. highonfunnystuff

    Custom character is missing rotations, but they exist!

    SOLVED: I just had to put S_SKIN on top of the hierarchy and add S_START and S_END on the bottom with no files between. Thanks to everyone for quick and helpful replies! Error: R_AddSingleSpriteDef: Sprite STND frame A is missing rotations (1-8 mode) To create my character, I've imported...
  5. highonfunnystuff

    How to use git version control for a single pk3 file?

    I'm new to creating characters in srb2, so I was wondering how to initialize a git repositore inside a pk3 if it's somehow possible. I'm pretty sure some workarounds should be made in order to achieve this. Any suggestions?
  6. highonfunnystuff

    [Open Assets] [Battle] Sonic Battle Collection

    I think instead of the Metal Eggman, you should add Eggman Nega. He was already an enemy in Sonic Rivals!
  7. highonfunnystuff

    Execute a script in another language?

    I have a folder with addon characters that changes frequently, so I've coded a C# script that adds all characters (and some other) files in cfg file. To execute the script, I need to go to the terminal each time, so I was wondering is there any way to execute the script written in C# throught...
  8. highonfunnystuff

    How do I look Down/Up with PS4 gamepad stick? (Latest version)

    Axis don't work, so I have no idea.
  9. highonfunnystuff

    Too many characters to display in singleplayer: limit 25

    Version 2.2.10 I have installed ~30 characters but only 25 (+7 basic ) characters are showing up in my Single Player select menu (the one where you select new file, where you also can see characters' abilities). I was wondering if there's an actual limit that's close to 25, or maybe there's...