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    Nu Angel Island Zone - Act 1

    There is act one but no act 2 D: (jokes aside is there going to be an act 2 only asking cause of the name of the map)
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    LJ Sonic's WIP thread

    Late as hell but this reminds me a lot of generations specifically the color centered in one area and a white void surrounding it
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    [Open Assets] Team New

    I'm not sure whether or not other people are experiencing this bug but when I try to change the controls it let me change any of them to fire or fire normal Also not sure if this is supposed to be a feature but
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    Team New (Released)

    Can't wait for this to be released
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    Dark City 2.0

    For the name dark city it seems pretty lit up
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    Extra Character Abilities

    Is fang and Amy getting new abilities as well or only these spindashers
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    Extra Character Abilities

    Seems nice but would it replace The character abilities is my only question?
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    LJ Sonic's WIP thread

    Knuckles would be jealous
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    LJ Sonic's WIP thread

    Pressing I on youtube vids be like
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    LJ Sonic's WIP thread

    Thank you for showing me how to get rid of ads
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    Chronicles' GHZ - Stage, Models, etc WIP thread

    Wait but there only one cinnamon bun so why buns unless there are multiple In the level
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    It's a frontier promo as well as it is cyber theme 1662159327 Get Nordchars today to not get put inside big capsule and so your data don't get hacked today and your able to use it on up to 2 devices (because there 2 characters) and you only have to download today and you will be safe go to this...
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    Modern Knuckles

    And then we have this mod which is Modern Knuckles and unlike sonic he don't chuckle
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    Modern Knuckles

    oh yeah forgot about Chaos wait then tikal?
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    Modern Knuckles

    So we would get team sonic kinda in the adventure era mainly
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    Modern Knuckles I said kinda because it have tails Adventure moves which is just a hold fly and tails spin so uh yeah
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    Modern Knuckles

    I mean we would need adventure sonic(already have) adventure/modern tails(we have kinda), adventure/modern knuckles(this mod that is being made) adventure amy(we have modern), Big the cat and Gamma unless your talking about team sonic then oh ok then yeah(god this is long)
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    Modern Knuckles

    So he does get buff 1661241294 Note to self do 15 minutes worth of pushups and I can knock out anyone with one hit.