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  1. That S0nic fan

    [Open Assets] SRB2 Chars

    it would be funny if you could pick up players as tails
  2. That S0nic fan

    Final demo map making

    so I'm wanting to make a map for final demo but i don't have a easy way to make the level
  3. That S0nic fan

    Alt SSN Sonic

    Hey if you get hit by a enemy you can cancel your knock back
  4. That S0nic fan

    Metal Anyone v3 (dead project, check v2.5 release)

    i have a idea for rust color i wanted to make for i character but i have no idea how to make a character tho but its like a boost you aim with keys (or just aiming) shift the power up and custom keys to aim (or not if you go with just aiming) i think it is kinda dumb but yeah
  5. That S0nic fan

    The versions of the Sonic Robo Blast series. (Including SRB1)

    I really like 2.1 i liked geting on and playing in severs
  6. That S0nic fan

    How did you get your Username...

    I remember just thinking up the name cause i really liked sonic (the zero was cause it was already used)
  7. That S0nic fan

    Glaber's Junkyard, Featuring SRB2 the Past 2.0 and other projects.

    I thought of a idea for srb2 the past that probably wont get added cause srb2 stuff But what if there were unlockable characters from demo's and stuff
  8. That S0nic fan

    Eggette! (Or Omelette, if you prefer)

    wow i thought of the same thing
  9. That S0nic fan

    Jeck Jims' 2.2 3D Models

    thanks also sorry i dont know how to reply
  10. That S0nic fan

    Modern Tails (CANCELLED)

    okay a tails swipe map to toss flag would work for my set up (it's right click) i mean you could try making a bind setter for tail swipe
  11. That S0nic fan

    Intresting Discoveries on the SRB2 Kart Patch.

    I feel like I'd see these in hell stages
  12. That S0nic fan

    Jeck Jims' 2.2 3D Models

    i want to use but i cant cause its a 7z file
  13. That S0nic fan

    Looking for CDsonic.

    I have cd sonic port the file is called cdsonicgsport.wad i think
  14. That S0nic fan

    [Open Assets] Henry Stickmin

    Could we get a scooter version of henry
  15. That S0nic fan

    SRB2 Cursed Images"] i dont rember this on my computer
  16. That S0nic fan

    [Open Assets] SRB2 Chars

    i cant wait for srb2 tails and kunx if he can do that
  17. That S0nic fan

    Can We Revive SRB2 Riders?

    that done with lua porting i think
  18. That S0nic fan

    Secondcolor Shenanigans: Act 1

    maybe put the part the you want to be different the color you want it to be though i have not made a character
  19. That S0nic fan

    Can We Revive SRB2 Riders?

    if it was it would be cool to have srbII in srb2 riders
  20. That S0nic fan

    StephChars v2.1 - World Of Colors Update!

    i found a small bug (i think) when tails is with skip tails can pick up the parts im not sure if you meant for this to happen