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  1. S.S.F_4653

    [DISCONTINUED] Pepper-Minted Models: Official Game Models

    It's a shame it's been cancelled, I would have loved to see Knux and Amy finished but anyway... Many thanks for this incredible Model-Pack Peppermint, I wish you the best with your new project.
  2. S.S.F_4653

    SuperPhanto's Models of Varying Originality

    That's what I need, but I don't know if the newer version of that mod works with the SM64 model
  3. S.S.F_4653

    SuperPhanto's Models of Varying Originality

    Does the latest version of the Super Mario addon work for me or do I need another one?
  4. S.S.F_4653

    N64 Mario

    First of all I love this mod, I find it too cool although it could be better polished, but this does not affect that much 9/10. Second, is there a model for this mod or is it being planned? It would be great to see a Low poly version of the CGI model of the 64 renders, or the 64 model alone...
  5. S.S.F_4653

    SuperPhanto's Models of Varying Originality

    How can I use Mario's 64 model? I've been wanting to try this model for a long time but I don't know how and I would like you to explain to me what is the method to put this model in the game. Which version of Super Mario Bros. should I use? What code do I have to put in "Models.dat" and in...
  6. S.S.F_4653

    What was your first sonic game?

    Mine was Sonic Rush on a DS Lite. But if we talk about the main saga it was Sonic 1 in Mega Collection Plus
  7. S.S.F_4653

    Adventure Sonic (v1.8b)

    It would be great to have Tails' Adventure 1 Moveset
  8. S.S.F_4653

    Adventure Sonic (v1.8b)

    I love this Add-on so much and I think it is one of the best Add-ons of SRB2, but I have 2 questions. 1): How complicated, entertaining or long lasting was the development of the Add-on? 2): Then will you do an Adventure Tails or Knux?