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  1. TechBlade9000

    Shadow the Hedgehog

    Aw yeah this is happening. I was never in the SRB2 community for 2.1's Shadow so this being my first instance of control him and he was so good I actually played through SRB2 twice just because of how good his movement is Only grip, homing attack seems to attack things I can't see, if there was...
  2. TechBlade9000

    Silver The Hedgehog

    Not sure when it happened but Silver's attraction shield ability no longer work, everything else works fine
  3. TechBlade9000

    Special Stages Thoughts and Criticism

    Man I used to love SRB2's special stages since I couldn't afford PC NiGHTS into Dreams, but after playing the real deal via SEGA 60th, it feels worse than NiD (not bad, but not as good imo). Sonic can't turn as tightly as NiGHTS and the stages are a lot less dense in geometry and object...
  4. TechBlade9000

    Metal Knuckles & Tails Doll - Sonic R Characters

    No I'm just untouchable
  5. TechBlade9000

    Metal Knuckles & Tails Doll - Sonic R Characters

    I loved playing through the game as these too but was sad when I learnt I was immune to lava as Tails doll, thought I was being cool with sheild timing. Also Metal Knux's glide dash charge time feels too long yet long enough for how dummy fast you can go with it
  6. TechBlade9000

    [Open Assets] Airstrafing

    This mod makes every character even better, thank you
  7. TechBlade9000

    If you could add one new feature to srb2, no questions asked, what would it be?

    Something that's definitely because I played Castle Eggman 1 too many times, more ambient noises, like the sounds of Sonic stepping on grass, hitting a stone wall a bit too hard, muffling when underwater, just anything to turn off the music to and feel apart of the levels.
  8. TechBlade9000

    [Open Assets] Jet the Hawk - V1.1 - now slightly less broken

    This mod is fun, but there's a few flaws with it that discourage a full playthrough with him. First, his offense, while the tricks to do attacks mid air are cool, I feel though I should be able to goomba enemies when on the board too. Second, the drift is a bit awkward seeing as it doesn't curve...