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  1. deppressedsonic

    [Open Assets] Roll the Dice Deluxe

    i cant roll the dice :(
  2. deppressedsonic

    [Open Assets] DragonBall Z Transformation ColorPack

    i dont know how to use it ive watched a youtube video of this mod and it said type the command sonic_limitbreak but it didnt work so how exactly do you use it?
  3. deppressedsonic

    Dark City Zone

    it didnt work evertime i try it it would take me to greenflower
  4. deppressedsonic

    Tyson Hesse Sonic

    Tysson hesse sonic is great but for some reason when ever i get to any other level thats not greenflower act 1 2 or 3 hes super glitchy :|
  5. deppressedsonic

    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    not trying to rush you but when exactly will x sonic be finished it looks super cool so far.
  6. deppressedsonic


    i love this mod more than anything else its so good it might have cured my Deppression i think it might be better than adventure sonic and modern sonic in my opinion.