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  1. pointchinelo

    2.1 Levels

    I can't grab the token in the goop near the end in THZ1 :( (im playing as Sonic)
  2. pointchinelo

    Sonic Advance 2: Boostmentum

    yay it's real!!1 also boosting in strafe mode makes only the "ghosts" face where the camera is aiming at :(
  3. pointchinelo

    [Open Assets] SSNTails HD

    funi 4k hd rtx character part 2
  4. pointchinelo

    [Open Assets] [v1.3] CrossMomentum - A complete gameplay overhaul

    finally i dont have to join servers just to find this mod
  5. pointchinelo

    [Open Assets] The Putt: A Multi Rolling Thok

    faster spin
  6. pointchinelo

    [Open Assets] Tired of the unchanged Boss Arenas?

    some good background