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  1. Ellite

    [Utility] Kart Containerized

    Hey sorry! I never got an email about this message. I'll get back to you on this later today!! 1695302137 Hey! If you'd like to merge, you could open a pull request (or multiple). Perhaps open an issue per thing that you've improved over my repo, and i'll look through them and accept them. Let...
  2. Ellite

    [Open Assets] Kart VS Rating

    I know the main goal of this whole addon is the fact that it adds a rating system, but i'd like to have literally everything but the rating system, as it feels like it creates more toxicity than competition. But I absolutely love the custom intermission. Is there a way to turn off the rating...
  3. Ellite

    [Utility] Kart Containerized

    Ohhhh thats perfectly understandable!! Feel free to remove it!!
  4. Ellite

    [Utility] Kart Containerized

    I hope eventually this resource will land in the staffs queue :dramahog: I probably messed something up in this thread, if so, please let me know
  5. Ellite

    [Utility] Kart Containerized

    Ellite submitted a new resource: Kart Containerized - Containerized Kart Dedicated Server Read more about this resource...
  6. Ellite

    Kart Containerized

    Kart Containerized This is an up to date Docker image based on rwanyoikes Dockerfile. I plan to keep this image actually up to date with the most recent version of Kart. The image currently has tags for 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6. More information on how to use this on the GitHub repo.