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  1. Tatsuru

    My current thoughts on Dr Robotniks Ring Racers and some criticism's I have

    You should. He had unfettered access to the forums until a few days ago when absolutely no censorship was placed on him on what he could say about the game, dev or staff. This is his latest activity.
  2. Tatsuru

    Glaber's Ban and anything Sandwichface related ig

    What have the staff done to him that warranted any kind of harassment as payback? Not even he was able to articulate that when asked, so I'm very curious about what you have to say.
  3. Tatsuru

    Glaber's Ban and anything Sandwichface related ig

    I'm pretty much convinced you're not paying attention to the thread you created except for posts that agree with what you already believe, but I have to say that you're very, very close to a big realization. Like, there must be one big reason (hint: everyone's discussed it here earlier) that...
  4. Tatsuru

    Glaber's Ban and anything Sandwichface related ig

    Have you been paying attention to the thread you made? Up to the point where he got banned, Sandwichface had ample room to raise his opinions on the forums, gather support and start meaningful discussion, simply because we graced to keep him around. What he decided to do with that time...
  5. Tatsuru

    Glaber's Ban and anything Sandwichface related ig

    I think we've all had quite enough of the guy, so he's no longer among us. ඞ We can go back to talking about Glaber's ban, if anyone has anything else to say about that, I guess.
  6. Tatsuru

    Glaber's Ban and anything Sandwichface related ig

    Are you under the impression that only Glaber had something negative to say on Ring Racers in our spaces? I can understand being wrong because you couldn't be there to see it, but we had a lot more people being hysterical and toxic, so I don't know why the idea that we only banned Glaber of all...
  7. Tatsuru

    [Open Assets] Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0

    Glaber was not banned solely for criticism of Ring Racers or Kart Krew. He himself admits that, and a lot more people would have been banned if that were the case. Please don't deviate from the topic of the thread any further.
  8. Tatsuru

    Uninspired mods nowadays?

    You literally made the thread seeking agreement on what you thought were "uncreative mods" and not a soul in 3 pages of thread agrees with you so far. People are here trying to get blood out of stone by asking you what you mean to find a sliver of common ground and meaningful feedback that can...
  9. Tatsuru

    What in the world is SRB2 Workshop?

    While you are right about how likely it is to bump into discourse in a given community, you are in full control of whether you open this thread or not, like you just did. No external force is compelling you to open it and it will not follow you wherever you go. If discourse is negatively...
  10. Tatsuru

    What in the world is SRB2 Workshop?

    The thread was hastily locked without proper consensus from the rest of the staff. As one of the staff members that want to keep it open, the reasoning is that this thread concentrates all discussion of the Workshop, at least to keep people from opening new threads about it. Locking the thread...
  11. Tatsuru

    Congrats. I've been broken.

    The Message Board's addon section already works like this: it's a catalogue of creations where you can submit anything you made as long as it's finished and has a visible amount of effort. Your suggestion seems to be that letting people submit stuff they didn't make (or even submit anything at...
  12. Tatsuru

    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    We've received a request from BlueBlur to lock the thread as there is no new information on the mod's development to share or discuss. It will be open again if and when he requests so.
  13. Tatsuru

    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    Cosigning the post above. Some of you are using being on topic as a pretense to bloat the thread with minimal trivia that adds nothing to your expectations even if BlueBlur graced it with a response like "can X-Sonic whistle while handstanding?" Again, being off-topic is not the only thing I...
  14. Tatsuru

    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    This is happening way too many times that it got to the point that it needs a warning, so here it is: This thread is for discussing development of the Sonic X mod. It is not a chat room or a hangout spot for you to discuss whatever you feel like when you're bored. It is not the place to discuss...
  15. Tatsuru

    Kind of confused about the WS

    There's already a (pretty lengthy) thread about this, so I recommend starting there if you wanna know what they're about. We don't wanna have multiple threads about the same subject, so I'll have to be closing this one.
  16. Tatsuru

    About the "Announcements" Channel in the SRB2 Discord

    The #announcements channel is what it says on the tin: things we think are worth announcing to whoever is in the server or follows the channel. This was never restricted to just announcements about the vanilla game, especially because SRB2 is much more than just that: it's also about the...
  17. Tatsuru

    Ever wanted a standalone Hangout Gametype?

    This subforum is for showcasing progress on your incomplete works: it is not intended for finished addons. Please check the blue banner on the top of this page for instructions on how to properly submit your mod.
  18. Tatsuru

    What in the world is SRB2 Workshop?

    I'd like to point out that it's not our place or intent as staff to make commentary on what is art and what isn't. This is an environment for people to learn and hone skills, no matter their output: the rules in place are meant as a standard protection to that craft, so that creators get fully...
  19. Tatsuru

    The SRB2 Workshop Situation just got worse

    We already have a thread on Workshop discussion, and we don't need more than one. Please continue relevant discussion there.
  20. Tatsuru

    someone named light bein rude on servers

    The Master Server is not actually a server: it's more akin to a pinboard in a plaza where people can pin pamphlets to inform everyone seeing the pinboard that there's a netgame going on at their IP address. When you join their server, you are connecting directly to their IP, with no middleman...