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  1. Cjblaze

    How did you get your Username...

    I got mine from my roblox username that im planning on changing if i can
  2. Cjblaze

    The Newbie Level Design Collab [ NLDC ]

    you used this one?
  3. Cjblaze

    The Newbie Level Design Collab [ NLDC ]

    join the discord
  4. Cjblaze

    Post your dream Sonic fangame ideas here!

    i want a game like superstars but 3d modern with customizable outfits with cyberspace like stages (this is actually something ima work on in srb2 in a few months maybe)
  5. Cjblaze

    The Newbie Level Design Collab [ NLDC ]

    hey if i wanna make a level for this, how would i send it?
  6. Cjblaze

    Srb2 RUSH WIP

    ik that its just that i love this mod and it would a shame if it got cancelled
  7. Cjblaze

    Srb2 RUSH WIP

    oh thank god
  8. Cjblaze

    SRB2 World Adventure (SRB2 Unleashed)

    This is gonna be so peak
  9. Cjblaze

    SRB2: Generations

    I just found out that the rail grinding in Srb2 world adventure is just reskined minecart rails.
  10. Cjblaze

    Spleenik V2

    Bro I just got knew glasses, did spleenik always look like that
  11. Cjblaze

    Cream the rabbit spriter needed!

    Ok so I have no Idea why this is still here but the spriter role is reopened
  12. Cjblaze

    Srb2 RUSH WIP

    Well thats good
  13. Cjblaze

    Srb2 RUSH WIP

  14. Cjblaze

    Cream the rabbit mod WIP

    Ok so critical is working on sprites for someone else so the spriter role is still open cuz I'm learning lua and I might as well have someone else working on sprites
  15. Cjblaze

    Sonic X (X-Sonic) Progress

    X sonic is just sms but not super so heck no
  16. Cjblaze

    SRB2: Generations

    eh, either way ill still be fine with it
  17. Cjblaze

    favorite non-sonic series?

    gotta be pokemon, especially the mystery dungeon series 1708456557 but it comes to a tie with kirby
  18. Cjblaze

    SRB2: Generations

    I'm pretty sure he said he wasn't
  19. Cjblaze

    why does everyone take tails doll like a creepypasta?

    Eh he's silent but terrifying cute
  20. Cjblaze

    SRB2: Generations

    thats those uhh boost ringys. yknow from generations and unleashed