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  1. jubbalub


    Let's dissect this a bit. The Generations portion looks and plays virtually identical to the original, so it's possible it's not running under HE2 and is just running HE1. It's a very different-feeling game than any HE2 game, so maybe they just wanted to leave it as-is. The Shadow portion is...
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    How Would You Improve Bad Sonic Games?

    Sonic Forces recently got a mod called Sonic Forces Overclocked, and I think it makes a great case for the more simple style of Boost gameplay premiered with Colors and Forces. More player input, less automation, better controls, utilize the entire moveset, tighter level design that encourages...
  3. jubbalub

    Thoughts on Palworld?????

    All of the arguments about plagiarism and AI aside, the one thing I think Palworld succeeds at is lighting a fire under Gamefreak's ass. People are clearly not happy with the current state of Pokemon, and the success of Palworld speaks to that. I think if Scarlet and Violet had been a slam dunk...
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    I actually like the idea of Sonic being a jerk and owning it.

    I wouldn't really classify Sonic as a "jerk". He can act like a jerk sometimes, but at the end of the day his heart's in the right place. He's just impatient and sometimes stubborn.
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    I want to affirm Sonic again. I'm done disliking things.

    I'm a Sonic fan, but I hate chocolate ice cream. --- I think your comparison of Sonic fans to narcissistic abusers is a little off the mark, but to the topic at hand: There are absolutely people who don't fit your description. They're usually just smart enough to keep to themselves and stay...
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    What in the world is SRB2 Workshop?

    Hi, Hacking Contest judge here. I'm not sure why you decided to bring the Hacking Contest into this at all. If you are going to enter solely to spite some people we have no relation to, to shine a light on the SRB2 Message Board's "problematic" community (for lack of a better term), or to prove...
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    What's your least favourite level(s)?

    I'm not a fan of Egg Rock Zone in particular. It feels dated in comparison to the rest of the campaign. Which makes perfect sense, I suppose, but it's one of the main reasons I'm looking forward to 2.3. It's got a lot of cool ideas, though, such as the space suffocation that subverts the trope...
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    What in the world is SRB2 Workshop?

    The point is why bother giving them the attention? If they're so bad, just leave them be to do their own thing. We don't own other people, we can't control what other people do. You can have your judgement on their behavior if you so desire, but at the end of the day, it's a random website that...
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    2.3 Discussion

    I do agree that they should definitely keep the tunnel it's super iconic lol
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    2.3 Discussion

    I agree with the idea of exaggerating the difference with these screenshots. Comparing it to the current version of the level, it really does feel like the same but looks more slopey. I also don't agree with the assumption that this means platforming and exploration has taken a backseat. It...
  11. jubbalub

    2.3 Discussion

    There's definitely more slopage and more dramatic slopeage, but I'm struggling to see the "caricature of modern Sonic fangame design". It looks like the same level but a bit twistier and with more slopes. Looks like a classic Sonic level but in 3D. We also have no idea how it plays, so I also...