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  1. Superjustinbros

    Green Hill Remake & Marble Zone Remake

    I'm really liking how this Green Hill map is coming along. It's got a lot of cool details and the loops are a nice touch.
  2. Superjustinbros

    Time Attack Leaderboard

    Just a small note, players in a server can use the changelevel command to warp to maps that are loaded in but soc'd out of the server's map rotation (by having their mode changed from Race to Singleplayer).
  3. Superjustinbros

    [Open Assets] Community Encore Pack

    Superjustinbros updated Community Encore Pack with a new update entry: Hotfix v1.0a Read the rest of this update entry...
  4. Superjustinbros

    [Open Assets] Community Encore Pack - Hotfix v1.0a

    Today I've decided to release a brief update with some small post-release additions and changes. Support for all three tracks in the Assault Pack has been added. An Encore palette on a track that already features its own Encore palette has been removed, as it was originally created for testing...
  5. Superjustinbros

    [Open Assets] Community Encore Pack

    Superjustinbros submitted a new resource: Community Encore Pack - New Encore Colors for Community Maps Read more about this resource...
  6. Superjustinbros

    [Open Assets] Community Encore Pack v1.0a

    With Sonic Robot Blast 2 Kart in its fifth year, I have decided to work on and release a project I had started on late last year as a treat to the community: A brand new set of Encore color palettes for custom maps and map packs that normally don’t change colors in Encore mode. Inside this...
  7. Superjustinbros


    Trying out this mod and I'm really liking how it changes up the voting sequence, congratulations on the launch! If there are any comments I have about the features in the mod; there doesn't seem to be a way for server hosts to disable the server time feature, or host nuvote without their...
  8. Superjustinbros

    ChronoShift Track Pack

    I noticed the Time Travel scripts in Chronoshift break being able to get items if xitemsmugglerbonus is set to On, which endlessly spins the item roulette when collecting an item and prints the following error message repeatedly: WARNING: ...3|Lua/Time...
  9. Superjustinbros

    ChronoShift Track Pack

    I'm quite liking the God effects in the Tower of Heaven track for how they can shake up races and challenge players in new and interesting ways, though I wonder if an option could be added to disable the god effects incase a server wants to run normal races without God interfering after the...
  10. Superjustinbros

    Sin Cama's WrestleKart Community Pack!

    Glad to see one of my favorite wrestlers in modern times, the Tribal Chief himself, playable in Kart.
  11. Superjustinbros

    [Open Assets] SJBCP 2.7 - On a Weird Way

    Superjustinbros updated SJBCP 2.6 - The Tune-Up with a new update entry: Update v2.7 Read the rest of this update entry...
  12. Superjustinbros

    [Open Assets] SJBCP 2.7 - On a Weird Way - Update v2.7

    Main character Pack (v2.6 -> v2.7): New Characters: Adds Pole (2 Speed, 7 Weight) to the full pack and as an individual racer. Adds Kaiji (8 speed, 7 Weight) as an individual racer, now featuring a new alt skin by NIKO Character Updates: Puyo has received some touch ups to their signpost to...
  13. Superjustinbros


    The maps in this pack are very solid, although if there was one thing I had to bring up, it's the use of teleporters and how they're prime for being used to set up unavoidable traps since they all have one exit: I'd consider finding a way to make a driver intangible to dropped items when they...
  14. Superjustinbros

    [Open Assets] Easy Control

    I really like the concept of the mod; the one thing I'd suggest is making the option to change the drift style only take effect in intermissions and before the race begins; that way players can't chain the two drift styles mid-race while in full motion by binding the on and off commands to...
  15. Superjustinbros

    [Open Assets] Open Tricks

    Lately, I've been running into a severe bug where the dial on the trick meter does not advance if the Brake button is held in mid air, and I am not sure what causes this error to occur; as in races it flipflops between working, not working after a lap or two, or not working the entire race. The...
  16. Superjustinbros

    [Open Assets] SPB Warp

    I think there should be a setting or value to adjust the threshold/distance needed for the SPB to teleport to its target, incase it appears too close to the target when summoned and the host wants a bit more leeway with how far the SPB can go relative to the lead driver before it warps back.
  17. Superjustinbros

    ChronoShift Track Pack

    If there's anything I have to say about the pack, Gnome Forest has a few readability issues because the sides of the track, from a distance, look to be part of the road, and vice versa. I'd also suggest making ChronoShift two laps, since with Hard speed and various speedup mods my total time...
  18. Superjustinbros


    Never thought I would see Akari Mizunashi in this game; thanks for bringing her into Kart in style!
  19. Superjustinbros

    Joschurale's Funky Bunch of Dudes! (NEW! Classic Donkey Kong!)

    That Classic DK looks really clean; fantastic spritework!
  20. Superjustinbros

    [Open Assets] SJBCP 2.7 - On a Weird Way - Update v2.6

    Main character Pack (v2.5 -> v2.6): Character Updates: The Noid has received a major revamp with new shading, improved drift and hurt frames, a new Wanted image, and a new signpost. He also uses Ruby as a new signature prefcolor in place of red. Popcorn Robot has also received a similar...