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  1. Broboi698

    Sonki The Hedgehawg

  2. Broboi698

    Sonki The Hedgehawg

    Conklers will be missed (by me) (PS: i'd like a conklers build since he's cancelled)
  3. Broboi698

    Kromos & Drakira's Definitive Classic Pack

    Here's a screenshot of them
  4. Broboi698

    Kromos & Drakira's Definitive Classic Pack

    Am I the only one that's aware of these models being used in roblox?
  5. Broboi698

    [Open Assets] Pizza Tower Lap Mechanic

    now I'm excited and hyped for the upcoming remaster
  6. Broboi698

    [Open Assets] Pizza Tower Lap Mechanic

    So do I setup the mechanic in SRB2, or Zone Builder?:devastation:
  7. Broboi698

    Peppermint's Kart Models

    Big BFDI moment
  8. Broboi698

    im going to be honest i dont like Sonic 1

    I'd do the same if I had to
  9. Broboi698

    IDK Map

    imagine if I use NTOPP v2 & PTSP in this map lol
  10. Broboi698

    [Open Assets] Takis the Fox! (Dynamite Demo!)

    You can actually complete happy hour in vreen hill zone
  11. Broboi698

    Sonic's Schoolhouse

    me too
  12. Broboi698

    Piko Pack

    it doesn't work
  13. Broboi698

    We're in danger!

    What is causing this you may ask? Well, it's Denuvo™️. Denuvo is a company owned by Irdeto, it's supposed to protect games from anti-piracy and is supported by the most popular game companies, including Sega. But they're mostly hated, Why? Because their security can be easily bypassed. But...
  14. Broboi698

    Coming back to SRB2 after a decade-- what to expect?

    Welcome back to the community!
  15. Broboi698

    Sonic Robo Blast 3(Wip).

    This will certainly be something...
  16. Broboi698

    Past trio

    The Complete Trilogy Of Past Characters :wonderful:
  17. Broboi698

    Snick's Challenge From Pizza Tower

    So, :wow: when is this releasing, it's been 3 freaking years since this was uploaded.
  18. Broboi698

    EGG Tower

    This mod has a lot of potential.:welcometoreleases:
  19. Broboi698

    Past Tails

  20. Broboi698

    N64 Mario

    man, that would be cool.