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  1. DylanDude

    Modding questions

    They want to have a thread for their mod in the Addons & More section before the mod is actually out, along with a countdown to release. Like I said, I’ve never seen this done and who knows if staff would actually be willing to do it.
  2. DylanDude

    How i Modify...

    You can't modify them directly, they are hardcoded. However, you can create a new SOC cutscene and have the game load that instead of the end credits.
  3. DylanDude

    how to make colormap under fof not appear

    Apply the colormap to the FOF's control sector instead of the target sector.
  4. DylanDude

    Modding questions

    1. Technically yes, but the limit is so high I have never seen any map pack reach it before. 2. I’ve never seen this done. You can, however, make a WIP thread for the mod in the WIP board.
  5. DylanDude

    Annoying NetXCmd error

    Reload the game and join a different server.
  6. DylanDude

    Custom Ability help for Blue Streak

    I think they meant, what are you trying to get your script to do? What does the ability do? You've kinda just dropped a bunch of code on us without any context or explanation for what it should do once it's fixed.
  7. DylanDude

    how to make lua files work

    WADs don't use folders, just put the Lua script at the top.
  8. DylanDude

    Weird Midi Bug

    Use FluidSynth instead.
  9. DylanDude

    Weird Midi Bug

    This is not a bug, you don't have Timidity set up properly. Switch to a different MIDI engine.
  10. DylanDude

    Big floating mine thing does not appear on correct height

    Do you have the Flip flag checked?
  11. DylanDude

    Is there any way to make custom colors in SRB2Kart?

    Kart does not have custom skincolor support.
  12. DylanDude

    Final Demo Modding question

  13. DylanDude

    Need help with S_SKIN lump

    You cannot have spaces in your character's name. Removing the space fixes it. For more info, please read this guide:
  14. DylanDude

    Changing the map to play other modded maps after vanilla

    There's no automatic way of doing it. You would need to manually modify each map’s NextLevel parameter in its level header, which is only allowed if the map is marked as reusable. Also make sure the map numbers don’t conflict with any vanilla maps or each other. You also need to modify the...
  15. DylanDude

    Port forward help?

    You have activated the password reset function. You use this if you don't know the password to get into the router and need to set a new one. It's asking you the two security questions necessary to ensure you're the owner of the router before letting you reset the password. Ask whoever owns the...
  16. DylanDude

    Port forward help?

    You are not supposed to use your IPv4, use your gateway.
  17. DylanDude

    why is SRB2 on a 3ds not possible?

    This will vary depending on system. Some people have way better results with Software than OpenGL, the latter of which is the more demanding renderer in terms of hardware compatibility.
  18. DylanDude

    why is SRB2 on a 3ds not possible?

    I am not a 3DS homebrew developer but I really don't think it's this simple. 2.1 was only playable on New 3DS models for a reason, even the Switch port of 2.2 struggles in places.
  19. DylanDude

    Port forward help?

    When inputting the address into your browser, did you use your default gateway address or your IPv4 address?
  20. DylanDude

    OBS Issue.

    Dang, I already said that lol