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  1. Octosquid

    SRB2 Cursed Images

    Yes it does! It's a new extension /j (Also Please Don't Type Like This)
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    SRB2 Cursed Images

    SRB2 on scratch
  3. Octosquid

    Sonic The Sketchhog stuff for a potential mod.

    You can use the SF_HIRES flag to make the sprites render smaller (e.g soap) but you can't use vectors, just make the sprites bigger in the editor and change to bitmap, then export them
  4. Octosquid

    SA1 Emerald coast SRB2 remake WIP thread.

    this looks good! I think you should try working on the lighting, that would make it look better!
  5. Octosquid

    How do you exactly get .rar files working in SRB2K? (Or just SRB2 in general.)

    Open it with 7zip/Winrar and look inside, the files will be there
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    I don't know if this would be possible, but how about having texture names with more than 8 characters as well as a listmaps command that lists all currently loaded maps and showing their map number? Like GZDoom.
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    SRB2: Generations

    I don't know about the level design but this looks very detailed! I can't wait to try this when it releases.
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    This is a blast in match, I wish there were more servers for it.
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    GBA to GC help

    I'm pretty sure that dolphin is only compatible with MGBA, its a more modern emulator anyway.
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    Pizza Tower map: John Gutter

    How about just go in sequential order and do Pizzascape?
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    glitch in act 2
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    Just a Question for anyone who reads this:

    Just use these versions of the games, they have more mods anyway
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    What in the world is SRB2 Workshop?

    I've seen this thread many times and think that I will put my two cents on the discussion How hard is it to ask for permission? If the creators are gone from the community, you need to make attempts to try to contact them, if that doesn't work and a few months have gone by, then you are allowed...
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    Changed how you play SRB2? Post it here, may it be minor details or the biggest changes ever!

    Yeah, no clue why its not in the settings and only a console command. I have it in my autoexec.cfg
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    Pizza Tower map: John Gutter

    lookin' good! I think the ceiling looks good as it is, but I don't really like the meshing of the ATZ textures with the John Gutter ones. Also, you are kind of misusing the pillar textures I sent you, those are meant to be skyboxes, not regular textures. You can apply skyboxes by first adding...
  16. Octosquid

    Changed how you play SRB2? Post it here, may it be minor details or the biggest changes ever!

    turning on gr_fovchange. Really underrated setting, it kinda emulates the outrun camera in sonic 2, It just looks nice, except for soap:threat:
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    Pizza Tower map: John Gutter

    I'm kind of bored right now, so I'll put the textures in a pk3 and upload them here when I get them done.
  18. Octosquid

    Pizza Tower map: John Gutter

    do you plan on adding custom textures?
  19. Octosquid

    What changes do you want in 2.2.14?

    I'd say I want a "listmaps" command which lists all the maps that are currently loaded, like gzdoom. Also, if they really want to go the extra mile, (which I doubt they will do since this update already has its "thing" that it's about) holepunching.