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  1. Arthur:]

    SMW Mario

    "Hey, have you heard about that mario guy?" "Him you mean?"
  2. Arthur:]

    M/NMario V2

    will you make luigi some time?
  3. Arthur:]


    im probably gonna get ignored, but if its actually possible, can noelle be added?
  4. Arthur:]

    Piko Pack

    Can you add support with the proper peppino mod?
  5. Arthur:]

    [Open Assets] Junio Sonic

    can you expand his moveset? if not ok
  6. Arthur:]

    Prime Sonic W.i.p

    he didn't say "when its done", read it again, if you think about it, they said "when i want to" but its a different person that wants, and i was asking when he was gonna continue because the mod looked cool
  7. Arthur:]

    Prime Sonic W.i.p

    no need to be rude but ok
  8. Arthur:]

    Prime Sonic W.i.p

    the sprite looks cool when are you gonna continue?
  9. Arthur:]

    funny racing knuckles peelout

    very good of 2.1 knuckles' part by donating his head