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  1. GiveAmyMoreLuvPls

    [Open Assets] DANTDM's LAB!!!!!

  2. GiveAmyMoreLuvPls

    FunkyInkling's Color Calamity (Wave 1)

    That TV_Purple and SAGE_Blue Looking familiar. :shitsfree:
  3. GiveAmyMoreLuvPls

    Pizza Tower Colors!

    Glad you like them! 1688414817 I truly recommend Pizza Tower to you, that game is AWESOME like dude after you play through it for awhile you might get addicted. Also extremely awesome soundtrack as well!
  4. GiveAmyMoreLuvPls

    Pizza Tower Colors!

    GiveAmyMoreLuvPls submitted a new resource: Pizza Tower Colors! - Colors based off the clothes colors in Pizza Tower. (Including fake Peppino clone colors) Read more about this resource...
  5. GiveAmyMoreLuvPls

    Pizza Tower Colors! v1

    Clothes are secret unlockables in Pizza Tower that apply certain colors or patterns to the outfits worn by Peppino, Gustavo, and Fake Peppino throughout the game. There are 19 clothes in total. The game only lists the amount of them unlocked, but the unlock methods are never mentioned until they...
  6. GiveAmyMoreLuvPls

    Needing Some Help!

    Ahh ok, I'll try that 1688172608 Found the solution on this: I was supposed to use this right here: freeslot( "SKINCOLOR_CUSTOMNAME1", "SKINCOLOR_CUSTOMNAME2" )
  7. GiveAmyMoreLuvPls

    Needing Some Help!

    Im trying to make pizza tower colors for srb2 but every time I put them in a pack together in slade it loads no problem but my colors don't appear, but when I put one of the colors in the lua by itself, it works. help?