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  1. Josh732


    Josh723 updated Stickman with a new update entry: Stickman's sprites get an update! Read the rest of this update entry...
  2. Josh732

    Stickman - Stickman's sprites get an update!

    Changes: Updated Stickman's sprites. that is all.
  3. Josh732


    Josh723 submitted a new resource: Stickman - he exists Read more about this resource...
  4. Josh732

    Stickman v2

    Stickman Speed 8 | Weight 3 A character I made a while back in 2018, along with other characters I made. Even with his light handling, his high speed will net you first place in under a minute or two. Just be careful not to fall off near the end, ok?
  5. Josh732


    I don't like the "retexturing" they did for Kodachrome Void zone. It just makes the map look unfinished and a bit more... uh... "bland" than the rest.
  6. Josh732

    How did you discover Sonic?

    I very distinctly remember me playing Sonic Classic Collection on the DS (i was about 3 at the time). although, I didn't know how to play, so I just... well.... sat there. if that makes sense.
  7. Josh732

    Level Select Icon Tutorial

    So, I converted the map icon to 'Doom GFX (Paletted)' but whenever I did, the map icon showed up like this: Is there any way to fix this? 1660251015 nvm, i fixed it. color palette was set to 'Existing/Global' instead of 'Sonic Robo Blast 2 (legacy)', whoops.
  8. Josh732

    Cotopack is COMPLETE

    If you ever do make another Delfino Plaza map, or just completely remake it from scratch, maybe have the original as the 'classic' version.
  9. Josh732

    [Discontinued] Golden Crawla

    there should be a command for this addon that changes the ammount of rings it drops, and the max ammount of rings could be 20.