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  1. Plide

    Glitchy Textures?

    Make sure textures you want to use for walls are being converted to Doom GFX, not Doom Flat like you would for sector floor/ceiling textures. Doing so will cause the textures to look like that, as I have made that mistake before.
  2. Plide

    [Open Assets] Garage Dash

    Plide updated Garage Dash with a new update entry: Reslotted to map slot CW Read the rest of this update entry...
  3. Plide

    [Open Assets] Garage Dash - Reslotted to map slot CW

    Reslotted Garage Dash to the map slot CW (originally CE) to prevent conflicts with The Pro Pack.
  4. Plide

    [Open Assets] Garage Dash

    I do use reshade for anti-aliasing and sharpening. Bloom is a cool effect if applied tastfully, but it seems overdone here imo. Ambient occlusion is also great.
  5. Plide

    How'd you get your profile picture?

    I just picked eggman of the default profile pictures because he's a funny evil egg. I noticed something funny about his lower hand, too!
  6. Plide

    [Open Assets] Garage Dash

    Plide submitted a new resource: Garage Dash - Race as RC-sized karts in a garage! Read more about this resource...
  7. Plide

    [Open Assets] Garage Dash 1.1

    A garage race track loosely based off my own garage, where you race as RC-sized karts! Featuring - Tight turns that make use of your cornering skills - A jump onto a futon - A ride on a magical wavy carpet This will likely turn into a course pack in the future, and any feedback is appreciated...
  8. Plide

    Linedef 123 troubles. (SOLVED)

    Since the water is visible at the sky of the level in your video, I have to guess you set the ceiling height of the control sector at the ceiling height of the sky. With FOFs, ceiling height of the control sector specifies where the top of the FOF is, and floor height specifies where the bottom...
  9. Plide

    MarioKart Revamp

    3DS Rock Rock Mountain has only 8 checkpoints, a lot of which are close to the start of the course. It's generally good practice to cluster more checkpoints towards the end, since you'd have to go through more of the course to backtrack and still count a lap. Since there's a glider ramp soon...
  10. Plide

    [Open Assets] Gary the Snail

    Plide submitted a new resource: Gary the Snail - SpongeBob's adorable snail is here to race! Read more about this resource...
  11. Plide

    [Open Assets] Gary the Snail 1

    Gary the Snail from SpongeBob SquarePants is here to race! While slow, he accelerates very well and can drift through turns like a true Great Snail Race champion! This will probably turn into a character pack some time in the future. I plan to do many different characters from all sorts of...
  12. Plide

    Kart Turn Zone

    Correct, I composed the music in Furnace tracker, using the Sega Genesis system. Glad you enjoyed the course!
  13. Plide

    Kart Turn Zone

    Plide submitted a new resource: Kart Turn Zone - Simple race course full of tight turns and a jump Read more about this resource...
  14. Plide

    Kart Turn Zone 1

    A simple forest race course featuring: Tight turns A jump over the straightaway A tunnel with an alternate path on top of it Boost Pads that reward good use of sliptiding Lots and lots of trees Can you beat my staff ghost? This map is no longer recieving updates and is now open assets...