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  1. Endermanch69

    Why not an S3 Tails With Sonic 3 & Knuckles sprites?

    png images and the fact that pk3 files are zip files would like to have a word with you:
  2. Endermanch69

    Super SRB2 Games Z (Netgame Event

    As an SRB2er I can confirm this is fire even though I am never in a netgame
  3. Endermanch69

    How does OBJECTCFG work?

    ...PainSound = sfx_None MeleeState = S_NULL MissileState = S_NULL DeathState = S_XPLD1 XDeathState = S_NULL DeathSound = sfx_pop Speed = 3 Radius = 24*FRACUNIT Height = 32*FRACUNIT DispOffset = 0 Mass = 100 Damage = 0 ActiveSound = sfx_None Flags = MF_ENEMY|MF_SPECIAL|MF_SHOOTABLE RaiseState =...
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    Never thought it would release anytime soon, Inazuma Jumpscare moment.
  5. Endermanch69


    SSNTails does not have tails(which are a seperate object in 2.2 tails but part of the sprite in pre 2.2 tails) so you can't do anything about unless you edit the followitem
  6. Endermanch69

    master server problem

    You will need to change your master server url to rename https:// to http://
  7. Endermanch69

    Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0 [Open Asset]

    2.2 Maps are the current version and will not be included, however in older versions of SRB2 The past it included maps of the current version then.
  8. Endermanch69

    i cant host servers because of this master server error i cant get rid of

    What is your Master Server URL? Try changing it to
  9. Endermanch69

    Sonic Robo Blast 2 the Past Version 2.0 [Open Asset]

    You need to finish cez2(1.09.4) to get the secrets after you find redxvi
  10. Endermanch69

    Does anyone know how to make dash mode destroy robots and monitors?

    You can make it do that by adding the SF_MACHINE flag to your character.
  11. Endermanch69

    Coming back to SRB2 after a decade-- what to expect?

    If you were an OpenGL user back then you will be suprised to see that it is now functional
  12. Endermanch69

    Past trio

    My bad i forgot to tell you FREESLOT sfx_myjumpsound add this on top
  13. Endermanch69

    do anybody know how to edit the title

    You can specify a titlemap to use via MAINCFG in a soc file or have a lump with the name TITLESKY that will replace the the title sky background.
  14. Endermanch69

    Please can someone send me the discord server invitation Here is the link to the SRB2 Official Discord server
  15. Endermanch69

    what happened to the web version

    I think you are talking about the one that runs on boxedwine, its 2.2.11 and it runs fine but doesn't save after you close it
  16. Endermanch69

    Past trio

    This can be done very easily by adding this to the s_skin dsjump = DSMYJUMP to freeslot sounds in soc because i suck at lua Sound sfx_myjump
  17. Endermanch69

    What in the world is SRB2 Workshop?

    The WS community(specifically a couple people in it) DDOSed the mb, not the other way around 💀