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  1. crystallinegazer


    They're not biologically sisters, it's more of a Sonic and Tails situation. I don't see why their ages are important enough to be on the mod page, anyway?? Either way, don't randomly ship people's ocs. It feels kind of weird. I feel like they're pretty visibly a different age anyway. ...actually...
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    Rude, much? He likely already knew Iclyn was a dog due to the way he phrased it and I was just telling him that I would never change that, calm down.
  3. crystallinegazer


    no? she's always been a dog and she always will be
  4. crystallinegazer


    Huh. 20,000 downloads. That's a lot, right..? Sorry to say but I don't have much to show for V2, lmao. I've been pretty lazy recently in all honesty, and not much has gotten done since Milne's resprite. I've started to pick up speed again, though, and I'm pretty proud of what I've gotten done so...
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    wow you got so many of these extremely wrong
  6. crystallinegazer

    favorite non-sonic series?

    vocaloid my beloved that really a series whatever im saying it anyway
  7. crystallinegazer

    Jeck Jims' 2.2 3D Models

    I'm well aware that these exist lol. I've been excited for Fang's since Roach started working on it, but I just wasn't aware that Jeck was a dev.
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    Jeck Jims' 2.2 3D Models

    that's a nice ray gif you got there though what's with this LMAOOO
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    SRB2 v2.2.13 Released

    2.3 has been in development for years at this point.
  10. crystallinegazer

    The Chaotix

    bill i love you
  11. crystallinegazer

    StephChars v2.1 - World Of Colors Update!

    Most characters tend to only have two or three abilities, I don't see anything wrong with that.
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    Oh, the only difference there (in terms of her shoes at least) is that she doesn't have her soles. That version of the mod isn't available to download and it's probably going to stay that way LOL. She just sucks to play as without the lance.
  13. crystallinegazer


    her shoes have been the same since the mod first released though... LOL
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    You'll be able to find all the versions up to Milne v2 in the History tab. Not sure why you would want that, though...?
  15. crystallinegazer

    What changes do you want in 2.2.14?

    Don't expect any physics changes in a patch.
  16. crystallinegazer

    What in the world is SRB2 Workshop?

    Personally, I'm a bit neutral on the Workshop. The only reason I've gone on there in the past really is just because there are a few cool map packs, but I'm not really interested in anything else there. It's nice that there's another place for people to upload pretty high quality mods, but...
  17. crystallinegazer

    SRB2 v2.2.13 Released

    Not just you! That's a new feature added in 2.2.12, mods won't count as cheats anymore, meaning you can save with mods on.
  18. crystallinegazer

    I need help, Very Important

    Neither of those characters are reusable.
  19. crystallinegazer

    How'd you get your profile picture?

    I like Tsukasa Tenma.
  20. crystallinegazer

    2.3 Discussion

    Ah, Fang, my beloved. Very happy about his new sprites. From what I've heard 2.2... er... .14 now, is going to have slight moveset tweaks for Amy and Fang along with the new sprites. Finally, I can play as my favorite characters without being bored to death and without having my eyes assaulted...