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  1. Rolly Polly Pal

    [Open Assets] Steve

    Would it be possible to get some kind of sprite for steve's hand when you're playing in first person mode? The lack of a fist to provide feedback when punching things is a bit cumbersome. Otherwise first impressions are very strong so far
  2. Rolly Polly Pal

    2.3 Discussion

    I understand for small development screenshots but I really hope that they don't lock important roadmap posts/updates behind being in the discord. People really need to break the habit of using discord as a platform for dumping everything, it is really not the place for that.
  3. Rolly Polly Pal

    What changes do you want in 2.2.14?

    While it will mean more work for artists, SRB2 thankfully has a failsafe in place where if character animations are missing, it will substitute them with the next best thing. So while some mod authors might feel the need to update their characters to include these missing animations, they should...
  4. Rolly Polly Pal

    Can I use stuff from SUGOI like it's open assets?

    Pretty sure the level select system requires permission to use, not to mention that: You would still need to port the old level select system over from 2.1 into 2.2 yourself if you wanted to use the sugoi version It would lack many of the features that are now currently present in OLDC builds...
  5. Rolly Polly Pal

    The SRB2 Workshop Situation just got worse

    I'm pretty sure at least some of them are simply cross posted by the original mod creators, I recall the person who submitted legacy shadow also did so on the workshop
  6. Rolly Polly Pal

    Adobe Valley Zone - A scrapped Sonic Overture level concept, translated into SRB2

    Started working on mapping out the basic layout of AVZ in UZB, using a sketch of the level design I drew on paper and then translating it into the editor. UZB slopes really are fantastic, and I hope to have some more substantial progress ready to show off very soon. :wonderful:
  7. Rolly Polly Pal

    Trip The Sungazer

    Does she get the other emerald powers as well? What of ?
  8. Rolly Polly Pal

    What changes do you want in 2.2.14?

    ??? It is literally the same sprite with some palette adjustments
  9. Rolly Polly Pal

    The Chaotix

    Pretty sure addons can support multiple downloads in them so I don't think that'd be an issue, otherwise I agree.
  10. Rolly Polly Pal

    The Chaotix

    I certainly understand the rationale behind bundling the chaotix characters under one unified mod, however I think it would be also beneficial to provide individual addons that contain just a single character? As someone else mentioned there is a hard limit on how many characters the game can...
  11. Rolly Polly Pal

    The Story of Uncapped Revengence Discord the 3rd

    I noticed lol, and I've been using it. Good stuff! Would be nice to have some of the other QOL features though, but again I'm willing to be patient
  12. Rolly Polly Pal

    Sonic Superstars: What's Your Opinion?

    Music and Bosses are easily the worst parts of the game. The stuff not done by Jun is fantastic but the bosses drag on for far too long and too many have instant kill attacks that send you back to the beginning. Overall a disappointment for me.
  13. Rolly Polly Pal

    What is your (or one of) all time favorite srb2 level/s and why?

    Favorite vanilla map is probably DSZ1, favorite modded map is Zone by boinciel.
  14. Rolly Polly Pal

    Adobe Valley Zone - A scrapped Sonic Overture level concept, translated into SRB2

    Hey everyone, a brief update on developments that have occurred recently. College has me more busy than I expected but work is slowly being done on Adobe Valley zone. I dont have any real screenshots to show but I do have a small bullet point list to provide: Firstly, changed the name to Adobe...
  15. Rolly Polly Pal

    Coming back to SRB2 after a decade-- what to expect?

    There's this mod here, however since the guy who published it is banned from the message board, if you want a more up to date version of the mod you'll need to look elsewhere I'm afraid. Alternatively, you can wait for Dr Robotnik's Ring Racers to come out, which will feature proper racer AI...
  16. Rolly Polly Pal

    What in the world is SRB2 Workshop?

    Having written this last night before I went to bed, I realize now that what I wrote probably isn't very accurate. The main examples I was thinking about for the latter were Sapheros and Sonic1983, however my memory might have been faulty on these specific instances. I remember when we found out...
  17. Rolly Polly Pal

    What in the world is SRB2 Workshop?

    I'm obviously not an authority on the subject, but how it works I believe is that if they were banned for simple misbehavior then yes, you can still use their content provided you get permission if nonreusable and, of course, credit properly. If they're banned for extreme repeat offenses or...
  18. Rolly Polly Pal

    Clearing something up

    For what it's worth I think your most recent video on the new OLDC did a much better job at critiquing the levels without coming off as overly meanspirited or harsh, the criticism you presented was overall fair and well articulated. I understand making videos that are just straight dunking on...
  19. Rolly Polly Pal

    Official Level Design Collab 2023: Round 1

    why are you running 2.2.11 :threat:
  20. Rolly Polly Pal

    What in the world is SRB2 Workshop?

    Tangentially related to this whole debate, it appears that extremely recently the reusability system has been tweaked to change the wording. Instead of "YES" or "NO" the options for the Modify category have been edited to "YES" and "ASK ME". I for one think this is a positive change and should...