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  1. Shiruba

    Favorite Boss Battle Songs

    I'm not sure if there's already a topic like this, but I'd figure I'd start this one. Name your favorite boss battle themes, and even post a link to some. Mine are: Egg Dragoon (sonic unleashed) How it started (sonic and the secret rings) It has come to this (sonic and the secret rings) Twister...
  2. Shiruba

    Help with Emerald Hunt (SOLVED)

    I'm sort of confused. I put in the MAINCFG map for the map type to be Chaos (Defunct) and I put where ONE of the emerald locations would be, and when I tested it, the emerald wasn't there and there we're no little signal things at the bottom of the screen! Please help.
  3. Shiruba

    Post your pics/art here!

    There had been a topic in the past that was locked down due to flaming and/or arguing, and since I don't see any topics about posting pictures, I decided to start this topic. My pictures: My human fanchar, Ace. My 2nd ashura and wechina comic. Shiruba Char, for if I decide to make a human...
  4. Shiruba


    Whenever I try to change my avatar to a picture scanned and resized to fit the forum, it keeps saying something about debug mode. Can someone help me?
  5. Shiruba

    MOD Ideas. Which would you prefer?

    I've had several mod idea's but I haven't put any of them to use because: A. I need to SOC something and I have no clue how to SOC. B. I can only get down the main things such as characters, then it all goes blank. C. It's canceled due to my laziness. My recent MOD ideas have been: SRB2...
  6. Shiruba

    Are You CN This?

    I dunno if theres already a topic on cartoon network but anyway, here one is! Talk about it and your favorite shows. My favorite shows, 6teen and TDI.
  7. Shiruba

    Shade The Echidna and Marauder Scout

    I got really bored after beating Sonic Chronicles so I decided to make a MOD. So far I have a sprite for one of the enemys (Marauder Scout) and a beta level (Vs Marauder Scout). Here's proof that I'm working on it: I edited the MARAA1 image. Also, if you want the beta of the level (doesn't have...
  8. Shiruba

    Water Trouble

    I followed the tutorial accordingly on "Water Design", and when I try to test the map, srb2 shutsdown and the log says: I don't understand this. Can someone please help?
  9. Shiruba

    SparkYoshiro.wad! (no recolor)

    I've gotta go for the day, so I can only share one's not done either. I didn't have time to shade it and flesh it out, but anyway, here he is, human spark (ME! Except my hair is black...).
  10. Shiruba

    Spriting Tips

    I hate making recolors because everyone hates them. I try to be as creative as I can with them but still no one likes them. Please...I need tips...
  11. Shiruba

    Weird error in my WAD

    I'm making a WAD, and I know when you add an incomplete wad it shutsdown, but as I was looking at the log of why it crashed. It said unknown something in S_SKIN1, and it had one of the numbers you put. Can someone help me out. Any help will be appreciated. ~Spark Yoshiro
  12. Shiruba

    Attention all game maker users!

    Well...I've searched through the MB, and I didn't find a game maker topic. If there IS a game maker topic, please do lock. Now, on to the main topic. I've just recently stumbled upon a video game creator (yes, for all you who want to create games and don't know how) known as game maker. I'm new...
  13. Shiruba

    SparkTheHedgehog flash game

    LAST UPDATED 8/11/08 I read the rules...and this doesn't seem like this breaks any so anyway, today I was searching for a flash game creator. Then I stumbled upon a program called "Game Maker". Since the newer version only supports XP, I had to get Game Maker 6, for windows 98 (which I have)...
  14. Shiruba


    I was glad to finally get some answers. And a chance to expose a hacker. Here's the log containing all the info. InitColormaps... S_Init: Setting up sound. I_StartupSound: Compacting onboard sound-memory... done sound initialised. I_InitDigMusic() I_InitMIDIMusic() MIDI product name: MIDI...
  15. Shiruba

    ZRB2 (Z as in ZIM!!!) WIP

    I got bored and wanted to create an Invader Zim mod pack. I canceled (put on hold to be correct) my srb2 the fighters mod because it wasn't going good...I have proof that I'm working on it! It includes three characters (maybe four). Gaz, for one will be in it. Here's a sprite...
  16. Shiruba

    tails.plr (RESOLVED)

    srb2 keeps saying my tails.plr is modified, and all I did was go to xwe and save the PLAYA3A7. How do I fix this or where can I get another tails? (without downloading it first). EDIT:: I had another tails.plr from a previous srb2.
  17. Shiruba

    What is the supervirus?

    I've heard about it but I'm not 100% sure what it's about. I've heard it's scary, then I've heard it messes up your game and your computer. What's the truth?
  18. Shiruba

    Anime SonicTheFighters characters

    I know all of your first thoughts are, "oh no! Spark's made another wad that fails! All this place needs is some more recolor!s" Well this time, I've gave my work some shading, tooks some time, and it's NOT a recolor. I've only made 1 sprite for sonic (Yay! I made MSpaint useful!). Here ya go:
  19. Shiruba

    Sonic Championship (Or Sonic The Fighters)

    For some reason I find 3D games like this and sonic R fun, but anyway lets discuss this! Yeah, I could've posted a topic about Sonic Battle, the last fighting game that SEGA and Sonic Team made, but this is an original. I find this game interesting. The first time I played this was a few years...
  20. Shiruba

    Sonic R

    THIS DISCUSSION IS NOT FOR N00BS TO DISCUSS THE TAILS DOLL CURSE. Since no one else hasn't done it (I think) I got bored and decided to make a Sonic R discussion. If you can't read well or you just didn't read the first part let me explain it: I'm sick of the TailsDoll talk. Last night I had a...