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  1. SpoonMaster44

    I need sprite makers (not for cosmo)

    I need sprite makers for another mod, ill be makeing some rought refrence sheet for an idea of how the character should look, my discord is SpoonMaster44onYT #2011, dm me no calls, the person(s), who help will be linked in the mod as sprite makers
  2. SpoonMaster44

    how to edit sprites directly in SLADE doom editor

    How do I edit sprites directly from SLADE doom editor?
  3. SpoonMaster44

    I need spriters

    so Im making an srb2 mod, (cosmo) and I need some people to help me make sprites, can anyone help? you can contact me with discord (dms) my user is SpoonMaster44onYT#2011
  4. SpoonMaster44

    Port forward broken

    So i did all the port forwarding but this message shows when I check it, Any help?
  5. SpoonMaster44

    srb2 2.2.9 camra rotation glich

    hello, my srb2 2.2.9 has a camra rotaton glich where the camra keeps spinning round and round any help please?
  6. SpoonMaster44

    imp to png

    hello, so i want to take a file that is in slade3 and export it as a png but it can only export as a imp. how to convert it to png?
  7. SpoonMaster44

    Custom homing marker

    hello so on my mod, (witch i already had help on) i want to put a custom homing marker instade of the triangle that aprease, any help? the homing marker sprite i want to use is below the mod is also below
  8. SpoonMaster44

    mod not working properly

    hi, so i was makeing a mod in slade and i was useing the wiki for abillitys and flags. so when i run the mod it dosent do what i wanted it to do, instade of makeing it have the abillitys that i wanted (CA_DOUBLEJUMP and CA2_NONE) it just saved as sonic the mod is bellow, any help?
  9. SpoonMaster44

    How to update and keep data?

    hi, how do i update srb2 from 2.2.8 to 2.2.9 and keep my saves and data, thanks!
  10. SpoonMaster44


    Hello srb2 community! so today I found a fake download link for srb2 on some website called "uptodown . com" its an install link for srb2 on windows idk if its fake or not but dont install the game from there, I also found it on softonic, and its known for content with viruses
  11. SpoonMaster44

    experince wih srb2 mods

    Whats your experience with srb2 mods and mods what is your experience with members, Me? well i got my post called "is sonamy stupid?" locked after the first 10 minutes of being on the forums and BOY i need to learn some rules p.s. I'm not making fun of anybody I'm just asking
  12. SpoonMaster44

    Pokémon opinions

    So how do people like the new Pokémon diamond and pearl remakes, I'm really exited!
  13. SpoonMaster44


    Here's an apology to my post I made about sonamy where i said how bad the artwork is I'm sorry I was just stupid and really just call out anything that I don't like and call it bad publicly I'm sorry and I did that in the first 10 minutes of joining srb2
  14. SpoonMaster44

    Is sonamy stupid?

    I think sonamy is a stupid ship witch is'ent cannon its just a bunch of the sonic fandom making stupid artwork of sonic and amy in love and that's stupid! I mean I get sonally but sonamy NO! 1618944957 Some of the artwork is ok but my point still stands and dont get me started on deveian art...