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  1. zxyspku

    [Character] Z-Chars 1.9

    What does the Z stand for? Who knows! This pack is just a dump of characters that I've wanted to make without any specific direction as with most, expect everything from actual Sonic characters to literal whos from series or other things you probably don't know or care for. As such I've decided...
  2. zxyspku

    Honey The Cat

    Yes, there was a disgusting lack of best cat in Kart so I attempted to make her myself. Her many changing colors were inspired by Chenginerd's own attempt at Honey, and her voice clips are from a certain other cat-themed girl also in a 3D fighter. I'm aware Honey has her own voice clips from...
  3. zxyspku

    [MP Level] Angel Arrow Zone 1.1(?): CHROMED Edition

    With aesthetics inspired heavily by Wacky Workbench Past and a certain anime series comes Angel Arrow. I originally wasn't intending on releasing this until I finished certain aesthetics but said aesthetics will likely take awhile due to multiple reasons, mostly due to my interest in working on...
  4. zxyspku

    [Reusable] Mega Man (PK3 now supported!)

    Well he couldn't just let Roll go Karting alone, could he? His design is based off of that from the classic titles, specifically 1-7, and uses Japanese voice clips for consistency with the other currently released Mega Man characters. Special thanks to LJSTAR for some color adjustment as well...
  5. zxyspku

    [Reusable] There are no buses in Mobius! Cirno joins the Grand Prix...? (PK3 supported!)

    That's right, the infamous ice fairy is now playable in SRB2Kart. After her humiliating defeat at the hands of Chill Penguin, she's back to prove she's the strongest on the track. Because she is indeed the strongest, her top speed is maximum and she can't be pushed around the track. Though...
  6. zxyspku

    Hatsune Miku joins the race! (Ver. 1.2)

    The digital diva drifts into SRB2Kart! Due to being some sort of android (or maybe because of her twintails?) she's very heavy and doesn't drift well, but she accelerates very quickly and has a comfortable top speed to balance out. Her preferred colors are Cerulean, but Cyan and Jawz are...