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  1. Xian.exe

    [Reusable] Force-Roll Springs

    These custom Springs act like a combination of normal horizontal springs, and forceroll boosters. After making contact with one, the player is forced into the roll state, regardless of whether or not they can roll normally. the test map can be found packed with the springs, in one file, or...
  2. Xian.exe

    Speedometer: How fast am I?

    This mod prints a simple speedometer near the life counter, to show how fast the player is running. It can display in: Fracunits per Tic: the speed measurement used by the base game. Miles per Hour and Kilometers per hour Commands: a note:
  3. Xian.exe

    [Reusable] ringdrain.lua v1.1: Take control of your super!

    Adds a command to allow you to change how fast your rings drain while super Commands: Changelog: