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  1. GXP3000

    The "FSonic" Double Combo

    Warning! A character in this contains sound-bytes which includes vulgar words that may be too much for a few people and loud sounds. Introducing... "F"Sonic! Now you might be wondering why the "F" is in quotes? Well, that's due to this not actually being 100% FSonic. In fact, the "F" actually...
  2. GXP3000

    Carrying Crash in MP Special Stages

    I'm not sure how this became a thing, but there's an instance where co-op games can crash whenever there is a Tails player carrying another when someone is about to grab the last blue sphere. I tested this out myself at least in split-screen, since it allows access to the MP Special Stages, and...
  3. GXP3000

    [Reusable] Ugly Knuckles

    Once every update there exists a port of a character that seems to never die, but now he's back... ...Ugly Knux! Stats His stats are the old stats that he had back in the day where he can jump as high as Sonic, but his speed is slower than most characters. Going through that ERZ1 Sonic...